3 weeks in

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  • posted by VK

    I thought I’d share my progree so far. I’m 35 years old with type two diabetes. I’m currently taken two metformin (1 in the morning and 1 at night). My Gp was considering increasing my medication as my hbAc was a bit high.

    I’ve been on the med diet for 3 weeks. Just efore I started my fasting sugars were 8.4, week 2 its 5.8 and checked yesterday week 3 it was 4.6.. Is this normal. I’m going to do my full hbac in Dec.
    I’m really pleased with how it’s going and the diet is surprisingly not that hard to following.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi VK, yes this is perfectly normal, although when I first started with a BG of 8.2 and after 3 weeks was down to 5 or less it frightened me but all is well. You have to know your own body. You obviously are able to test so keep an eye on thing and recognise if you are feeling weak or shaky. If you go too low have a BSD friendly snack, my go to is a couple of spoons of full fat Greek yoghurt and a couple of prunes. Dont expect an HbA1c to be in the 4’s as it is calculated over 12 weeks. Even when I keep my BG down to 4 or 5 my HbA1c is normally a reading around 5.7 or even a little more.

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