2 Weeks in, 16 Llbs lost!!! Anyone else got their fortnightly results?

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  • posted by MichaelT

    SW: 17st 11
    CW: 16st 9
    176cm Male – 27 y/o
    1st week was 11llbs loss and second week 5llbs loss

    I’ve eaten 700-900 calories every day except 1 pre-planned 1200 cal day (I’ve given myself 5 for the 8 weeks).

    I’ve got a £100 bet on with my house mate – he says I can’t stick to it. I’m finding the prospect of losing £100 if I go over my diet a great motivator!

    I’ve been doing low “bad carbs” no potatoes, rice, pasta or bread, crisps, desserts, cakes etc. But have been allowing myself bananas on day when I am doing sport – which has worked well for energy and also satsumas which are a godsend when you’re really missing the sugar – as they’re so low calorie yet sweet.

    How’s everyone else going? Don’t get me wrong it’s not been easy…but after the 1st week, as long as I eat plenty of vegetables to fill me up – hunger is not the issue more just not having the old vices. The huge weight and waist loss is really encouraging me to keep going.

  • posted by Tightpants

    Yes! 16 days in, I have lost 6kg!!! Yay!

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