16:8 Med Style long term

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  • posted by Orangeblossom

    Hi, I have tried keto, LCHF and find i think i prefer the BSD. I like to fast 16:8 so going to try the two together (BSD and 16:8)
    -so try to skip breakfast and then start each day at lunchtime at 1pm. If I get hungry water / coffee and a small pack of nuts can help.

    Going to try and reap the benefits of med style without too much calorie counting and carb counting, but generally staying low carb.

    Just posting really so as to keep going with it and if anyone else is doing similar…I find 16:8 quite easy, compared to fasting on and off and calorie counting, I think it is the pattern and simplicity of it.

  • posted by MirandaG

    Hi Orangeblossom
    I completed my 8 week BSD 7th May and have had a bumpy transition in to adding more calories back in to my daily routine whilst maintaining my hard earned losses! The scales have been incredibly unkind to me on several occasions and keeping a steady weight has seemed difficult.
    However, after someone on the maintenance thread mentioned incorporating 16/8 in to the equation, I seem to have “stabilised” (dare I say that?)
    I very much wish that I had been wise to this whilst I was still trying to shed those pounds!
    In my humble opinion , it’s an absolute winner.
    Good luck!
    Miranda x

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