12th week on the BSD a reflection……..

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  • posted by Synergy638

    I was struggling for a long time with weight gain since I turned 40, change of job, injuries and sloth. The weight piled on until I hit 142KGs, a letter from the Dr telling me after a blood test that I was in the prediabetes range at 42.5 HbA1c. I was offered a course online from Liva, some weight loss but not enough to make a difference. I spoke to the coach who suggested looking at a low carb diet. I researched the Newcastle diet and liked what I saw with the results and the message. I could not DO the “shakes way” so struck upon the Michael Moseley 8 week BSD, with food at 800 calories… So on the 9th of June 2021 I started, thanks to my wife Sara I have been extremely lucky as she is a fabulous chef and supported me along the way. I created a WhatsApp account for the family with a food and weight diary to cheer me on.
    Now I’m 6ft 2 inches tall and was brought up in a family of large eaters, due to the jobs I had, I ate too quickly and would get “hangry” with sugar rushes. I admit I was concerned about the 800 calories limit, but as Sara started producing; Morrocan meatballs and cauli rice, chicken and bulgar with artichokes, filling soups I soon changed my mind.
    The weight soon started to come off and I was surprised how I felt and looked and the comments from colleagues and families. As someone who had built up a bank of clothes, I was looking for clothes that fit as I struggled with having to make holes in my belts because of the weight loss. Bought a plyometric step box for my HIT programme, issues with dodgy knees were reduced.
    So nearly twelve weeks down the line I went and had a blood test at the surgery, awaiting the result. I stepped on the scales today and came in at 118Kgs a loss of 24 Kgs or 52lbs.
    Next week I move on to the 5:2 diet, with some trepidation, moving away from the comfort of the 8 wk BSD but have bought the Fast 800 and Fast Easy recipe books and playing Michaels voice via Audible should prepare me. So onward brave friends to a lesser me and hopefully your future self. PS will update on progress…

  • posted by freester

    What a great post. A lot of comparisons to my own experiences.

    Yes I agree for me the jump from 800 cals a day to a maintenance / 5:2 phase was more intimidating than starting the diet. There are less ‘precise’ instructions on how to go about it. Vague descriptions of adding more oil or nuts, increasing portions. But from someone who has now successfully been maintaining for 18+ months increase the portions, and you will find your way.

    If you’re anything like me which I think you are you will find your hungry appetite has well and truly been ‘tamed’, you will continue to lose weight and see great gains at a slower more constant rate.

    And the ‘all my clothes are too big’ problem is a great one to have… 😉

    Well done and don’t forget to report back…

  • posted by JB1960

    Well done on your journey so far.
    My journey has parellels – in 12 weeks I lost 33 lbs and my HBA1C levels have significantly reduced from 78 to 41, although for the next three months I am still taking Metformin, but hope to have continued to reduce my weight and sugar levels sufficienty to come off all drugs!!
    I am in the second week of post BSD and am struggling to find the balance to a) continue the weight loss, albeit at a slower rate and find the happy medium with regards to calorie count and portion sizes. I am still inclined to stay away from the high carb groups though as this is mostly what has done the damage over the years.
    Once again well done and keep up the good work

  • posted by GAD

    This is so very inspiring, Thanks for sharing, and good luck on the 5:2

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