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Looking for sugar free on labels


• WARNING: When reading ingredient labels, know that manufacturers are required to list the order of ingredients from highest in weight to lowest. So the first ingredient listed makes up the largest percentage of the product, and then downwards from there.It is recommended that sugar (of any kind) not be listed in the first three ingredients of an ingredient list. Clever manufacturers know this and to skirt the issue, they use several different kinds of sugars so that they can each appear lower in the list. Had only one kind of sugar been used, it more than likely would have appeared higher on the list, perhaps in the top three.It is also recommended that you limit your added sugar intake (refined, alcohol or whole sugar products) to 3 teaspoons a day. Make it organic if you can. This doesn’t make it healthier, just safer from GMOs and pesticides.
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    Brilliant info.. Thank You 😁

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    I was expecting a recipe but good info nonetheless.

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