My mum’s very light basic recipe for griddle scones or soda bread, to cook on the stove top – great with soup.

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  • Time needed: 15-20 in total plus 10 seconds to eat one
  • Calories per serving: about 80
  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Rating: 4.50 based on 2 reviews

This recipe will make either 4 scones or 4 farls (wedges), each portion at about 80 calories & about 18 carbs.


• 125g wholemeal flour
• 25g butter
• 1 level tsp baking powder
• about 75 ml buttermilk or Greek yogurt thinned to this cream thickness with milk


To cook the dough successfully you will need a small frying pan with a lid to proceed. Rub the flour & butter together to a crumb stir in the baking powder then use the liquid to make a soft dough. It is imperative that this dough is handled very lightly or the finished product with be tough & chewy. Shape the dough into a round then cut into farls (wedges) for soda bread or shape each farl into a round if you want round scones. Lightly oil the pan, place the farls into the pan fairly close together but not touching then put the lid on. The close proximity & lid on will help the dough to rise & stay moist. After about 2 minutes check to see if they are browning (I use to forks to peep underneath & to turn them as they are so delicate) turn if they are golden put the lid back on & check the under side ever minute or 2 & keep turning them until they are well risen & golden. Cool them on a rack with a clean tea towel over them to keep them moist. When they are cool enough to handle you can eat one.

Store in an air tight container or freeze. To de-frost wrap in a clean tea towel & microwave in 10 second bursts till just as you like it.

Great with soup or as a sandwich or roll substitute or as a scone with cream - yummo !

2 reviews for “My mum’s very light basic recipe for griddle scones or soda bread, to cook on the stove top – great with soup.”

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    Lovely! Will definitely make this again. My mix felt very dry and I was worried that I was overkneading it in an attempt to bring it together, so would be tempted to add some more buttermilk (or perhaps a drop of milk to the buttermilk to thin it a bit – it was very thick and gloopy) and I think that affected the end result. Will try again with a little more liquid and flattening it out a little – but it worked well, gave us some ‘bread’ to dunk into our soup very quickly. Worth trying!

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    Very nice alternative to bread

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