English Muffin

Recipe by GingerandBella

  • Time needed: 3 minutes
  • Calories per serving: 275
  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Rating: 5.00 based on 2 reviews

If you miss bread you will love this.


• 1 Tbl. Coconut oil
• 2 Tbl. Almond flour
• 1/2 tsp. Baking powder
• Dash salt
• 1egg
• 1 tsp. Cream or milk


Melt coconut oil for 30 sec. in microwave.
(I have a bowl that has a flat bottom and is about the size of an English muffin)
In a separate bowl wisk almond flour, baking powder, and salt.
Add egg and milk and wisk together,
Add to oil and wisk gently.
Microwave 2 minutes.
Gently turn onto cooling rack.
Once cooled, slice in half and toast.
Add no sugar added jam and enjoy.

3 reviews for “English Muffin”

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    A really great invention and so quick and easy to make. Brilliant alternative to bread.

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    This is great, really quick and gluten free if using g.f baking powder. It is sweet though, maybe using butter in place of coconut oil may give a different flavour but not as effective?

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    Not rated

    How powerful is your microwave? Mine would ignite the oil if I left it in for 30 seconds. Try 5 or 6 seconds if your microwave is powerful. You can always put it in for a few more if needed.

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