Protein “Silver Dollars”

Recipe by 8ch

  • Time needed: 20 min
  • Calories per serving: 310
  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: 2
  • Rating: 4.50 based on 2 reviews

Protein filled breakfast for life on the go!
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• 1/2 C Liquid Egg Whites
• 1/2 C Oats, blended
• 1/2 C Cottage Cheese


1. Add egg whites to mixing bowl.
2. (optional) Blend oats in small food processor to a fine powder. Doesn't have to be completely blended. Dump into mixing bowl.
3. (optional) In a separate step from blending oats (or you'll have a mess) blend cottage cheese in same small food processor. Dump into mixing bowl and mix all together.

"Batter" should be thin. Grill in non stick skillet as you would a pancake.

Options - add extract such as vanilla, almond, fresh or frozen berries, nuts or savory options - jalapeno/cheddar, also nice to cook with coconut oil.

Makes 8 "silver dollar pancake" size rounds. 310 cal for 8, and 30 g protein. Half batch is satisfying.
I prepare ahead of time and split the batch between 2 breakfast days.

5 reviews for “Protein “Silver Dollars””

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    If I try something then file the recipe…it is a keeper. Thanks 8ch.
    I had a few with a little butter and Vegemite spread. (Kiwis can’t live without Vegemite.)
    Nice plain with soup.
    Will try a few new flavour options in future.

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    Would someone be so kind as to explain what quantities of ingredients are used?
    I am confused as to what 1/2 C denotes. Please advise.

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    Not rated

    I would say it is C = Cup mikelsmith
    Sounds yummy I will have to try it

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    Great for on the go snack. Works with yoghurt instead of cottage cheese if not available. Also works with whole eggs if not trying to lose weight but lowering carbs. I also added psyllium for fibre. I have used this in diabetic households where I cook for aged care clients. Thanks for recipe.

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    These were excellent! The recipe did not say how many servings it counted as, it said 310 cals per serving! I’m just hoping that all of it was the 310 cals, I had just two of them and 1 egg scrambled a small rasher of bacon and microwaved tomatoes, an immensely satisfying breakfast! I call the two silver dollars 100 cals & with the rest it came to. 316 calories. And I have 6 silver dollars in the fridge to use for another three breakfasts!

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