Cauliflower greens and chorizo soup

Recipe by the old ginger goat

  • Time needed: 15 mins
  • Calories per serving: 175 cals per portion
  • Servings: Serves 2 generously
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Rating: 5.00 based on 1 review

Waste not, want not. A delicious soup that uses up some odds and ends.


• Cauliflower greens/leaves 300gms or as much as you have.
• Kale 100gm or as much as you like.
• 1/2 Red pepper
• 1 onion
• 1-2 cloves smoked garlic (normal will do)
• Basil stalks.
• 1 Chicken or vegetable stock cube or bone broth
• 1 pint water (if using stock cube)
• Chorizo 50gm
• No salt needed but season with black pepper


Chop all the ingredients.
Dry fry the onion and garlic adding a little water from time to time to stop it burning.
When cooked, add the pepper and stirring all the time cook 1 min.
Add the stock/bone broth, bring to the boil and add all the greens.
Once all the vegetables are cooked, remove from heat and carefully blitz with a hand blender.
Return to heat, add the chorizo and cook 1 more min.
Variations can include other veg including carrot peelings but weigh them and add in the calories.
To reduce the calories use half the amount of Chorizo.(50gm=120cal)
Use vegetable stock and omit the chorizo but add smoked paprika with the pepper for vegetarian version

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    Coocked this for lunch at work tomorrow as a way of using leftover bits from tonight’s cauliflower. Had a sneak preview and it;s delicous!

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