What is Keto Flu

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  • posted by RTB54

    So this is day one for me, I have been reading through some of the posts and have come across this keto flu thing.
    Is it possible to tell when it is kicking in before I feel terrible?

  • posted by JGwen

    Keto flu is a nickname simply because it feels like you are coming down with flu. Not everyone gets it. The cause is that our bodies hold on to a lot of water when we eat a carb high diet, when you move over to low carb the body releases the stored water. (Hence the dramatic weight loss figures some people have at the start.) When the kidneys release water they also release electrolytes. And its this imbalance which causes the flu like feeling. If you increase your salt intake you don’t get the flu. –
    The advice is always to go for good mineral salt, rather than standard table salt. However, I recently read that they are 98% the same so any extra minerals are just going to be trace amounts.

  • posted by alliecat

    Welcome to the commun1ty, RTB 🙂 Carb flu 1sn’t a forgone conclus1on, and 1t doesn’t affect everyone. Symptoms are
    fat1gue, muscle aches, headaches and feel1ng a b1t shaky. You just have to weather the storm, and 1t w1ll pass 1n
    several days. Carbs/sugar are an add1ct1on, l1ke any other, and your body w1ll respond w1th w1thdrawal symptoms..
    Stay strong, and 1t w1ll soon pass. Extra salt (good qual1ty) can help and you should soon feel marvelous. The
    object1ve 1s to get 1nto ketos1s, the eff1c1ent burn1ng of your own fat storage for fuel, 1nstead of carbs. For some,
    th1s takes place when you keep your carbs under 50g a day, and others of us have to pull that f1gure down to 20g
    to accompl1sh our goals. Best to you! Shout out 1f you have any quest1ons or concerns, and one of the very exper1enced
    BSDers w1ll come runn1ng 🙂 🙂 🙂


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