Weight loss slowing down after 4 weeks

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  • posted by MirellaG

    I have been doing the diet for 5 weeks and am thrilled to have lost over a stone in such a short time. However the weight loss is really slowing down now despite doing lots of exercise. I had one naughty day on Saturday where I ate more but no carbs and I did have a few glasses of wine. But I went straight back on the diet on Sunday as it is so easy. I just need a bit of reassurance that the weight will come off. I need to lose at least another stone. I haven’t touched a carb in 5 weeks which is impressive for me.

  • posted by sixturkeys

    Hi Mirella. A stone in 5 weeks – that is fantastic! But when you say “I haven’t touched a carb in 5 weeks”, this is when we need Allie et al. I think we all think “carbs” mean potatoes, rice, cake, etc, because that is what we have been “taught”. But carbs can be sneaky. Some have more fibre than others so may be better? I’m still completely lost how to keep low carb/sensible calories. Allie, I mentioned earlier my jeans sitting lower. They’re obviously not going to slip down to my ankles were I to reach up, but the crotch is now a good 3 inches down…..but scales the same!

  • posted by DLH

    I just hit the 4th week and didnt really cheat. Doing most things correct all except a bit of a slip 1 meal. Hit a plateau but after finding older post apparently normal for week 4 and 5 and then kicks back in. Something about body adjusting and taking back on water. Note it does appear that still losing fat. Hoping anyway keep you posted.

  • posted by JGwen

    The initial rapid weight loss in the early few weeks is because our body holds water when we eat a high carb diet. When you change to eating low carb our body releases that water.
    A lb of fat is equal to 3500 calories. – So if you are loosing a lb of fat a week you are doing well.

  • posted by alliecat

    Good morning, lovely ladies! What fine progress, Mirella and Sixturkeys! Perhaps it’s time to
    invest in a packet of safety pins? 🙂 I’ll do my best to add a few thoughts about carbs…They
    really are the linchpin that makes weight loss happen, and probably confusion about counting
    them is the biggest part of the learning curve that we must all get our heads around when it’s
    early days. The “quest” is to get our bodies “fat adapted”, where we are burning stored fat for
    fuel/energy. Some people manage this on <50g carbs per day, and others have to go as low
    as <20g. , and it’s known as ketosis. Carbs hide everywhere, and a zero carb diet is only possible
    if we only consume meat/fish and fat…Mirella, a glass of wine is 3.8-4g of carbs per glass, for
    example. Using one of the apps to count carbs and calories, is a really useful tool to learn the
    values of everything we eat and drink. Fruit is quite high, which is a real surprise to many of
    us! Plateaus can really be frustrating, but the usual remedy is to drop your carbs lower. Weighing
    and measuring everything is necessary to establish a baseline for yourself, and then you can
    tweak things as you see how insulin resistant you might be…I hope this helps 🙂 Shout out with
    any questions or concerns you might have, and one of us will find you! Have a great weekend!


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