Understanding the link between carbs and metabolism

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  • posted by libbyebs

    I have been doing the fast800 for nearly 3 weeks now and managed a good first week loss but nothing since. I am however confused over the carbs issue. I have read on here that having carbs about the 20g per day but cutting calories to 800 will slow your metabolism. Does anyone know the link to the study which showed this? I think fruit and veg is important and I would prefer to continue with my half head of broccoli for dinner but with 20g of carbs it would not allow me anything else, which obviously doesn’t work. I suspect I am at at least 50g per day and according to the book that would be fine…..but not from what has been said on the forum. I have read around the subject but I am keen to see the study which shows that carbs must be low to stop the metabolism crashing as I cant seem to find the scientific evidence for this.

    Also any advice for hungry days, mostly I am fine but every now and then I have a day where I am super hungry by the evening and I just dont know what to have. Thanks!

  • posted by JackieM

    Hi I don’t have a scientific study but I do have my own experience that let me lose 3 stone the majority of which was in 8 weeks. I was insulin resistant and decided short term loss of veg was worth it to get the fat off my pancreas. I measured carbs stringently for about 5 weeks. I have to say by the end my body was very graphically telling me I needed fibre! I now eat low carb nuts and seeds as well as non-root veg but minimal fruit (I won’t spit a bit of carrot or onion out anymore, though have put a bit of weight on again so am now cv low carb for now).

    I have read studies suggesting it’s your ability to metabolise carbs that can cause you to need to limit them and that was my experience. So it may be 50g is perfect for you.

  • posted by AnnieW

    Hi and welcome libbyebs. If you haven’t already may I suggest you look the the thread below this one – Low Carbs. If you go to the last page you’ll find lots of interesting information re your question.
    Not sure how much good fat you are eating but that and protein are great tum fillers.

  • posted by alliecat

    Hi libbyrebs, and welcome! You are asking for a simple answer to a very complex question regarding carbs. The
    studies you are requesting can be found by locating the TAKE A LOOK AT THIS THREAD. Many authors of the
    stature of MMosley have written much on it. Have a look! The common wisdom here among those of us
    who are very exoerienced BSDers is that keeping carbs very low (20g or less) does NOT damage your
    metabolism, but actually PROTECTS it, in a way that standard calorie reduction diets alone cannot . That what makes
    the BSD different and revolutionary, and a plan for life.


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