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  • posted by Green and White

    Hello everyone.
    I need to lose weight fast, but more so I need to get my cholesterol down to normal levels.
    I knew I was out of shape, in my early 50s just over 6ft tall and 16st.
    But I really didn’t think about what was going on inside until my doctor suggest I get some bloods taken.
    Well I did and my overall fasting cholesterol was 8.6 with the LDL 4.4.
    My doctor said I needed to go on statins right now.
    Then I thought about Michael Mosley’s work and thought if I tried hard enough I might survive this.
    I’m just very concerned about firstly my state of health, and secondly about going down the road of statins.

  • posted by sixturkeys

    Hello Green & White – I am replying to bump your post up. And I also saw the new post from Libby. It may be better to jump on one of the more regular threads (say the One Week at a Time one – there will be change to new week next Tues) to grab attention, as some tend to follow those on a regular basis. Do tell us more about yourself in terms of current diet, likes/dislikes food -wise and I am sure you will get lots of info – there are those on here (like me) who are following the BSD for weight discard, but many others who like you are also looking to address blood sugar and other health concerns. The forum is very helpful!

  • posted by alliecat

    Welcome to our community, Green and White 🙂 You’ve mentioned chloresterol as well as weight objectives,
    and the need to lose weight fast. Additionally, you also made reference to MMosley’s work and “surviving this”.
    Can you be more specific about what you might mean by surviving this? The BSD isn’t a quick fix diet, but a
    solid lifestyle change that we’ve committed to, to make permanent changes in our health and long term prospects
    for remaining that way. There are many very experienced BSDers here, and we’re all delighted to help you over
    the learning curve that is part of this new endeavor. As sixturkeys has already suggested, joining a very active
    thread like ONE WEEK AT A TIME is a fantastic way to meet members at all stages of the journey. I can promise
    you a very warm welcome. No question or concern is too small, so please send them all our way, and we’d
    be happy to share our experiences with you! 🙂 Looking forward to getting to know you!


  • posted by Squidge

    Hi Green and White.

    The BSD is a great way to lose weight fast and improve your overall health. The first week is the hardest and then, unlike with most diets, it starts to get easier.

    My top tip is to drink plenty of plain water. I can’t explain why it makes so much difference, but it definitely helps. I’m not talking gallons, just a tumbler full about three times a day – although if you’re thirsty more won’t hurt.

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