Starting Again Again!

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  • posted by Thinking Thin

    Hi Everyone (sorry but a bit of a long post), just been sitting here watching the new MM tv programme and want to make a big effort to lose weight for my sons wedding which is at the beginning of August. I am returning while I am recovering from a stroke which was a complete fluke as had no underlying health issues. Other than being overweight, all tests after were clear. I was very lucky as didn’t lose the use of my arms and legs but did suffer from facial and eye issues which affects my vision and balance. These are all getting better and I have bought a treadmill to help me increase my activity. I know that losing weight will help rebuild my confidence so, let’s go. Would be great to hear from anyone in a similar situation but also anyone with great tips.
    Also, has anyone tried the shakes? Think this will help but am wondering if they taste nice?
    I had great results when I first did this so am hopeful. I have kept up with some of the changes I made last time. I promise that any future posts won’t be this long 😁

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