Slipping and Sliding

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  • posted by shubz


    Been trying to do the Low carb diet for two months now. I keep starting it – do it for two three days – then something happens, a dinner at a friends pace, a poker game, etc – and I slide back. Getting frustrated not being able to sustain it ? Desperate for guidance.

    FYI – T2DM, lost 17Kg on BSD three years back, maintained mostly, put 5kg back. Want to lose it.

  • posted by Britta

    Hi Shubz
    I’m a re-joiner too and as with you second time around is a bit harder. First time around I was super motivated because I thought I was going to die from Covid if I didn’t lose weight, so just started on 800 calories on day and stuck to it for weeks. This time around I haven’t had the same resolve so done a similar stop start thing for a while. I eventually decided to take one battle at a time and focus purely on getting rid of carb cravings to begin with. So I’m following the diet guidelines but not counting calories to begin with. I’m still losing weight but its a bit less restrictive. My thinking is that when cutting carbs alone no longer cuts the mustard, I’ll start counting calories as well and hopefully by then I will have already won the battle with the sugar beasties and it will be less up hill.
    Good luck!

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