Protein Powder for vegetarian to boost protein intake which one?

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  • posted by barby

    I am just about to have another go at this. It did work before for a few months, but I struggled to have enough protein, and gave up . I eat no meat or fish, but do have eggs, nuts seeds. Do not get on with quorn, but am OK with Tofu. This time I thought I will at first anyway, try a protein shake some days. Maybe mix with iced coffee. I will also have 2 normal low carb meals with as much protein as possible.

    I am looking at My Protein and trying to choose between these two. Would be very grateful if anyone has any advice which would be best? I am sort of thinking maybe I should go with the Diet one as it has more protein, but also more carbs?
    Per serving (with water I think) these are :

    Impact Diet Whey 1 serving 2 scoops 60g
    which has 223 cals, 3.8 fat, 5.6 carbs and 35g protein.

    Impact Whey Isolate 1 serving 1 scoop 25g
    which has 93 cals, 0.1g Fat, 0.6g carbs, and 23g protein

    Thanks very much.

  • posted by Gattina

    Hi Barby
    Like you I am lacto ovo vegetarian and I have an intolerance to quorn. I tried this powder when I last tried this woe
    I didn’t like it and never finished the bag – it tasted horrible whatever I mixed it with. I don’t know how it compares to the one you suggest – it may be a case of try it and see – but I would suggest getting one that has a flavour rather than the unflavoured ones. I hope you get on with it and it helps.
    I eat a lot of eggs, tofu and pulses to keep my protein up – the beans are a bit carby but I just have to watch what else I eat in the day to keep the balance. Let us know how you get on with it .

  • posted by barby

    Thanks for your reply Gattina. I suggested the My Protein as it is a well known make and a guy in my office uses it, only sometimes, he loves the cookies and cream flavour. He is on a keto diet, mainly meat and veg for him. I would probably get a couple of different sample sachets to try.

    It’s a shame you didn’t get on with the one you bought. I love iced coffee, so I might try making strong black coffee the night before. Then mixing it with the shake and some ice cubes. I have done that before in my old Nutribullet..
    The trouble is, I don’t enjoy cooking or too much prep, and that is what put me off before. I have only just started trying tofu, must try more of it. Thanks again. Barb

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