Please help! Hit a wall, BS going up

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  • posted by widdle-waddle

    Thank you for any help and advice in advanced.

    Have any of you hit a wall during this diet?
    By hitting a wall, I don’t mean on weight loss but on not being able to continue. I’ll explain:

    I’m on my second week in the BSG, hoping to make it to week 12.
    For the past few days I’m finding eathing the food I have made for this diet more and more of a chore. I’m finding more and more difficult to eat it. For example, last night we had a thai curry with cauliflower rice. I just couldn’t do it… I was shuddering with every bite and finally I couldn’t physically get it past my lips. The more I ate the more nauseous I felt. Finally I pushed myself to eat just the chicken, because I was hungry, but the nausea wouldn’t let me eat the rest of the food… I really struggled after that to keep the food in, I was so nauseous.

    I have not deviated from the diet other than to have a bit of cheese or a half a teaspoon of peanut butter, to stave off the hunger cramps between meals, but my sugar level has now gone from 6.1 mmol/L (110 mg/dl) last sunday, to 6.9 mmol/L (125 mg/dL) today (4 days later). Unfortunately I don’t have data of BS at the start of the diet.

    Today I’m really headachey, even though I’ve kept my water consumption, and the thought of eating another piece of lettuce just makes me shudder and my stomach roil. Not sure how to get out of this funk, or if I just need to ride it through and it will get better, like marathon runners.

    Please, any help, advise or just sympathetic shoulder would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Hi W-W, welcome to the forum.
    Sorry you are struggling with eating the food …. to be honest, it’s not an issue I’ve heard of before. Can you identify a reason … is it maybe food you’d not normally eat? Or is there something about it you’re finding unpleasant… you mentioned lettuce making you feel nauseated. Or perhaps it’s more to do with mindset.
    Of it is the food/s, can you pinpoint what foods are causing the problem? Then you could maybe make some adjustments, so that they are sidelined for foods more palatable to you.
    When I started with this way of eating, I found the easiest approach was adapting previous meals familiar meals, to fit in with the BSD principles and meet the 800cal requirement.

    If you plan to continue with the BSD, why not consider jumping on to one of the more established threads, where there will be more support and encouragement. The weekly thread is a good one to join, as it’s populated by very established BSDers and newcomers too.
    Best of luck whatever you decide to do.

  • posted by widdle-waddle

    Hi Sunny-B

    Thank you for your kind response.

    At the moment I hope it’s just a stomach bug that’s making me not want the food. Fingers crossed and it all gets better.
    I’m doing the diet with my OH and he’s enjoying it, so I’ll try to push by the current nausea, if it’s just a mindset thing, and find food I’m happier to eat. Lettuce is not the only thing that is currently making me queasy, but the thought of a good lentil or bean soup does make me smile. Maybe I’ll stick to those for a while.

    Regarding the BS, I’ll follow your advice and post in more stablished forums, see if this has happened to others.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    hi widdle waddle, it sounds to me as though you are just not enjoying the diet. No one enjoys being on a diet but it can be made into a more pleasant experience if you make the diet suit you, not try to do a diet you dont like. As Sunny says, the easiest way to approach this is to continue with the foods you normally eat and just leave out the carbs. Yes you can use things like cauli rice or courgettii spaghetti but if the thought of those turns your stomach, dont eat them. So what are you going to eat – more of what you like as long as its not carbs. I also think you might not be eating enough if you are suffering from hunger cramps. There is nothing wrong with you having some cheese and peanut butter, they are allowed on the diet so you dont have to feel you have ‘cheated’ – but we hate that word, prefer to say you had to adjust the plan slightly. Are you trying to do 800 calories – that can be a very hard ask. Yes, it can be done. I personally watch my calories and make sure I have a bit of wriggle room so I can have a snack of something diet friendly like a bit of chicken, slice of ham, even some cheese.

    I see you are watching your BS levels – does that mean you are diabetic. The number difference you give are negligible and the higher number you said is still sits nicely within accepted levels for BS for a diabetic. You numbers can fluctuate for no specific reason like time of day you test, what you ate the day before, are you under the weather – do you have a tummy bug – lots of things can make a difference, even stressing over your numbers.

    Glad your hubby is enjoying the food but you have to also enjoy it. Stick with it and add a few tweaks to suit you. Let us know how you are feeling in a couple of days.

  • posted by widdle-waddle

    Hi Sunshine girl.

    Thank your for your kind words and the advice offered.

    I think I’ve identified what had been the problem with the food after all. I also suffer from acid reflux, I think the fact that I go hungry for long stretches of time triggered an episode (for lack of a better term) and all that acid started to corrode. These episodes are rare, which is why I hadn’t identified it as such, but when they happen I get very nauseous and can’t eat anything, particularly greasy food. I think I may need to look at more low GI foods that will sit in my stomach for longer, whilst keeping with the calories. More pulses and less salads may be in my horizon, but I like pulses so that’s alright.

    As you mentioned, I am trying the 800 calories. I have found it difficult to keep with them, not because I want carby food, but because the meals I have been choosing make me hungry not long after… more protein may be required with the pulses. I have also learnt to be kinder to myself and don’t beat myself up if I end up eating 900 calories in a day. They are still way below what I was eating.

    Regarding the BS, I’m not diabetic, but I have been recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic. When the Dr told me that my sugars were slightly raised, it was only by like 1 point above the upper normal limit… now they are all over the place, but while they remain in the prediabetic range, I’ll try not to stress.

    Thank you both for your kind words. They have been very helpful.

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