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  • posted by arcticfox

    Hi everyone,
    I’ve had a few good days in a row, breathing so much easier now and as of this morning I am down to 88.9kg. So that next goal of getting below 88kg is looking to be well within reach now. I remember when I came back on the forum last year that I wanted to be below this by July of this year for when I was planning to fly to the UK. Obviously that trip is unlikely to happen now, but pleased that I may make it well ahead of time. Of course, my ultimate goal is to be below 75kg, so I still have a long way to go, but inching ever closer.
    I signed up for an online bootcamp which is for 5 weeks so I’m doing that along with my usual yoga and core strength training. I’m hoping to increase my mitochondria now and help boost my metabolism. I think it was Jennie10 who posted the video about training to failure by Ted Naiman a while back? Anyway, I’ve been watching some other interviews with him that have intrigued me, particularly his idea of focusing on protein and building your meals around ensuring you have enough, so you don’t eat more energy to try and get what your body needs. This makes so much sense to me as this is exactly what my thoroughbred horse does. He needs a higher protein diet than a lot of horses; on a low protein hay, he will just high-grade it and run so much of it through his system that people have thought that he must have worms or something, but he doesn’t eat nearly so much when he is getting adequate protein. So anyway, that will be my focus going forward, increasing my mitochondria and ensuring I’m getting enough protein as I increase my exercise.
    KOKO everyone!

  • posted by WindyJulz

    Quick check in. SO its day 7 since i got by self back on track properly and its going well. Made it through the weekend without going off plan. The only additions were a couple of glasses of wine….and what is very exciting about that is that, usually with the wine I end up not caring about what I’m eating and it leads to all the snack…… not so this time. Dinner was totally on plan, could of glasses, no pudding and no after dinner snack. We ate with dad last night, I made the boys maccy cheese and chips (I KNOW!) but made myself a cheesey chicken veggies bake….. and i didnt mid at all….and I love chips, but really wasnt fussed. This is a big win for me metally…long may it continue.

    Arcticfox, interesting re the protein, bit in people and horses. I am sure the protein for you thoroughbred will follow a similar science to that in people. When you are exercising, especially weight training and muscle building you will need top quality protein.
    Interestingly, my horses are mostly the opposite to yours as i have 3 fatties and struggle to keep weight off them. So Ive looked a lot at metabolism and sugars in their diet. The effect of sugar and horses weight and health is very like ours though with a lot of negative health affects associated with excess sugar and weight. Last year I muzzled my 2 real fatties for the first time – it reduces the quantity of grass the can eat, makes it very slow intake (they were inside 12hrs with hay so not starved) and they lost weight in a great way and saved my older chap from chronic laminitis. That was quite motivating for the cutting sugars in my own diet. Interestingly i also found a good B-vitamin supplement changed how they stored fat on their bodies…. I could waffle for ages…. I shall stop!!
    Oh and awesome re your discard, thats great, you sound very motivated and up beat!! Go you!

    Well don Bryla – thats a tremendous achievement for your 12 weeks!! How lovely to see your small frame back and be at your best in 20 years! If i can get close to target I would be the same. Very motivating!


  • posted by SunnyB

    Articfox, you’ll soon be at that 88kg target and striding on to your next milestone 😊. Julz, well done on pulling yourself back in line and resisting the chips. Very interesting about vit b having an effect on how the body stores fat … definitely worth taking a look at that.

    Averaging out my stats for last week, I have been maintaining at 0.6lb above target weight, so not exactly where I want to be, but close enough not to stress about it. However, going into this week, I’d like to make this week count and hope to report an overall loss this time next week.

    Will look forward to seeing everyone on the next weekly thread …. the first for this month and given that it’s Easter at the end of the week, possibly the most challenging in April. I know we will all be up for tackling another week head on though😁

  • posted by wendleg

    Well done for continued detemination everyone and I hope the results inspire and give encouragement to those who have gone a bit quiet ?
    Scottishgal, Amz …missing you !
    How are you getting on Dreamscometrue ? SueBlue ? Doubledutch ? PhoenixBurns ? RussianRoulade ?
    Carla45 where are you ?

    I will set up the new weekly thread later ( yes, it’s that time already !!) but just wanted to give a shout out to anyone not feeling able to post right now. We are always here to offer support xx

  • posted by Quetzal

    Arcticfox – Congrats – this is just fantastic results – really inspiring.
    Wendleg – so nice that you are looking after everyone.
    SunnyB – you too – so nice to be so close to your goal.
    I have had a quite nice week. Gotten the right food into the house, planned meals, being really nice to myself.
    Day 6 now – just the start of a long road – but I like to think about it as a long long walk – where every step counts. Feel good about the food I eat – have cooked a lot of beans and lentils and have small proportions in the freezer. And bring food with me whenever I know I will be away for some time. Was outside visiting a neighbour today – in her garden – she had baked danish pastry and buns – and I only had coffee. Did not feel like it. Unfortunately my scale is out of battery – will order new battery online – so will weigh myself after easter. But I fell I have lost quite a lot of water – and that is good too, as carbs binds water. Looking forward to a new week.

  • posted by DoubleDutch

    Hi Wendy,
    you’re giving me just what I needed, a little nudge to post here. Thank you 🙂

    I posted in this thread, then went to change a typo and boom, entire post gone. I spent a lot of time typing it, so I just left it at that.
    anyway, I discarded 1.2 kilo last week and I expect/hope to stay there this week. I stayed in ketosis but didn’t count calories. So hopefully I’ll still see 95.8 tomorrow.
    I’m in for the next week, but first I’ll spend some time reading about how y’all, I haven’t read anything on the forum this week.
    my plan is to keep my eyes on the ball, even on the moments when my mind is thinking about chocolate non-stop. I literally have to ask myself, ok, tell me, what is your long term goal and putting that in your mouth, will it help you to reach that goal. This seems to help with my stress-eating – habits.
    Hang in there, everybody. We can do this. You know you can.
    xx DD

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi DD !I just checked and you started at 113 kg so you are doing brilliantly…down to 95.8 ! Be proud, very proud !
    You wouldn’t want to undo that fabulous result ! I can always nag a bit 😉 You will see what I mean when you read through last week’s thread ! Only joking ! 😉

    I have had messages disappear like that too, so what I do now is type my message in WORD and then copy and paste it on to the thread so it does not run the risk of disappearing into thin air ! It’s frustrating when that happens.
    Keep going DD !

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Hi Wendy and all the team….
    Sorry I haven’t posted for a while – but I read all the posts everyday and they lift my spirits. Things down here in Melbourne are much the same as elsewhere. Not a complete lockdown as shops are open, but the only reasons to go out are supermarket, medical, exercise (with only one other person) or as a carer for someone. It has to be essential. Hopefully these measures are working, and we are more fortunate than many countries at this point.
    The strange thing that has happened in my life is that my brother has moved in with me (I’m 63 and he’s 65) We haven’t lived in the same house since mid teens. I am very used to living alone as I have for quite a while – so a change to my peaceful life. 😂😜🌺 He has set up his office (he is working full time from home) in the garden house, so I don’t see him much during the day.
    But the upside is that I am cooking more – mainly ’cause I have so much time, but also trying to encourage healthy eating. He bought so much high carb sugar foods with him – sweets, crisps, soda, choc biscuits, processed foods – that I have all put in his room and out of my sight! Hopefully by the end of the next 3 months I may have gently persuaded him to change his eating habits 🙂
    BUT – I must say that even though my eating habits are much different to a few years ago, Corona has got me doing a bit of comfort eating! Mostly low carb but *too* much of it – 85% choc, nuts etc – and wine!! I try and stick to at least 14/10 for eating, and I am trying to swim most days. Reading all the posts keeps me encouraged to not stray too fat from the LCHF life.
    See everyone’s positives and hearing all about your nettles and veg Wendy, and fermenting!! So inspiring. When you have nailed the lactofermenting I’d like to hear how you do it. And I love Oliver’s photos. Beautiful!
    Best wishes to all – I liked the post the other day that said 6 feet apart beats 6 foot in the ground😁🌺🌺

  • posted by holly_v_h

    Hi all,
    I’m still keeping on – allowed myself roast potatoes with a roast dinner and a bottle of wine on Saturday after our weekly competition results – I was the winner! I’ve been back on the straight and narrow since though and have lost a further 1.8kg since Saturday morning 🙂
    I’d like to know if anyone can tell me about wine – my father in law reckons it’s not carbs but surely it’s all sugar? He’s been paleo a long time so usually I’d just take his word for it, but I’m kind of thinking well if it’s not carbs then what the hell is it? 😂
    I was HUNGRY yesterday and had a bit extra than planned in the afternoon in the form of smoked salmon, it was delicious and just what I needed.
    I hope everyone’s well and coping with the isolation – I’m enjoying my daily dog walks with the lovely weather so at least we have that! And surely this can’t last too much longer? X

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