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  • posted by bennyboy

    Hi all
    The goal is to try and reverse my diabetes. Im 61, and 6 weeks ago i was 15st 9lb, now im 13st 10Lb ( i have been over 18st in the past ). For those who are struggling to get three meals out of 800 cals, i suggest do the 16: 8 for a week or two, then doing OMAD . It means you get the benefit of a 23 hour fast, and a normal meal. Believe it or not you don’t get hungry and you stop obsessing about food all day, the key is to try and keep busy!
    Im a man and my target weight is 12st 4lb. Ive already had to throw away all my xxl and xxxl shirts and now my waist size is 36, so who knows in another six weeks?
    Tip, on your fast make sure your tea and coffee is without milk and is decaf

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Bennyboy, sounds like you are doing great.

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