Okay, here goes…

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  • posted by MartynL

    Okay everyone, here goes nothing. I’ve taken the plunge on the BSD 800 diet (for now).

    I thought it best to do the full-on version for now. I actually probably pretty much started it yesterday. My wife’s cousin came over for the weekend and she has coeliac disease so I decided pretty much to do a carb clearout as well. Right now I have no pasta, no rice, no potatoes, no bread, porridge…

    I started yesterday (and today) with some baked eggs in bacon cases; lunch yesterday was a prawn salad with a little olive oil; and dinner was chargrilled tuna steaks with vegetables. We also drank (WAY) too much dark rum so that probably pretty much ruined that day. Dinner today was roast pork with spinach on a large flat mushroom and we’ve just had a small tuna salad for tea. No drinks today (although I may allow myself the occasional single whisky).

    Tomorrow’s breakfast will probably be a couple of eggs with some spinach. I’ll work out lunch and dinner later.

    I’ve lost 1kg since I weighed myself 2 weeks ago and more generally 4kg since Christmas. I plan to get down to 70kg for now and then we’ll see how we go. My BMI is now 25.1 (drat, so close to being “normal”) but I still have plenty of fat to shift around my stomach.

    Why am I doing this?
    1) To get rid of the gut fat
    2) To improve my BG, hba1c and other vital statistics
    3) I’m off on holiday to Ireland in September and I want to be in better shape for that.

    Any tips / encouragement / criticism all welcome πŸ™‚

  • posted by Squidge

    Hello! Welcome, goodluck and all that stuff.

    My top tips –

    1. Ditch the alcohol for now… It’s REALLY hard to stick to any sensible plan after a few drinks – taking a break is good for your liver – you’ll enjoy it all the more afterwards – it’ll give you time to research low carb choices.

    2. Drink plenty of plain water.

    3. Exercise. Anything that’s extra to what you currently do is great, but ideally find something you enjoy.

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Welcome and hi MartynL
    You will find lots of support and information here.
    I would second Squidge’s tip on ditching the alcohol. It will really help the weight loss and we often feel tempted to graze on treats after a glass or two. 😊😊🍸 I stayed off it for the eight weeks – with one night exception for a friend’s birthday – and felt better for it. Ate out many times during that period and just stuck to sparkling water. AND you have your target of Ireland ☘ as your goal – so just imagine all the delightful whiskies you can try when you get there. At home I drink sparking water – or you could try that with a splash of quality no-added-sugar cordials (like https://www.belvoirfruitfarms.co.uk/our-drinks/type//cordials/ ) as your evening cocktail.

    Other tips are:

    1. Weigh everything – at least for the first few weeks. This will give you a good idea of portion sizes/calories if you wish to stay within 800 cals.

    2. Read the labels on all foods and take note of the Carb content per serving. They can be surprising!

    3. Keep track of your food using an App – such as my fitness pal, or fatsecret. This will track your calories and carbs. You will read on hear a lot about keeping carbs low – and this varies from person to person. Many people will eat 50g carbs per day – but many others find that 20g carbs or less works for them in reducing weight. Keeping watch on calories in, carbs, and the balance of protein and good fats is referred to as your “macros”.
    One day at a time – you will get there!

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Well done for seizing that golden opportunity, MartynL!

    Based on a combination of reading scientific studies (ex- lifestyle healthcare pro) AND my own experience and with clients, AND Dr Mosley’s books … Belly fat is the most ‘available’ or the easiest fat for *most of us* to gain and store but also easiest for our body to burn (more difficult if hypothyroid/ insulin resistant/ PCOS etc).

    For gaining or storing fat have sugar, refined or otherwise processed carbs, stress, alcohol (has the same negative effects as sugar!). For burning or losing cut all those out, and be physically active as per ‘The Fast Diet’ book. Two days in and you are right on track!

    Sorry to all ‘gang up’ on you with no alcohol. If possible on the odd planned social occasion only. Not to relax, or you fancy just one, or to treat yourself. We need the calories for nutritious wholefoods when eating so much less overall.

    I have just done three weeks alcohol-free, which is akin to a miracle! Primary reason was my long suffering liver, close second my largest jeans not containing my jelly-belly. To focus on my poor liver first no scales, no dieting but late night eating reduced, very sedentary. Now fit the exact same jeans, but a size down.

    DO IT!!

    Lastly be sure to have foods rich in minerals and bulking fibre every day: Dr Mosley suggests chia seeds or ground flaxseeds, almonds or similar. These substitute those nutrients we are no longer getting from beans, lentils and grains.


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