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  • posted by Looneyluna

    I am looking into the Fast 800 diet and have purchased and read the Fast 800 book. I have already dabbled in intermittent fasting and followed the keto diet last year which saw me loose 16lbs in 1 month. I have since put about half of this back on, but having gone back to my old way of eating (lots of carbs), I feel bloated and sluggish again with tight fitting clothes etc. I am worried that I am at risk of developing diabetes as it runs in my extended family and want/need to loose about 3 stone to be within a normal healthy weight range.
    I think I do have the motivation to succeed as long as I plan well in advance. If I do not plan out my meals in advance I know I will fail.
    The mediterranean diet appeals to me and I can see it as a long term way of eating.
    The problem I am having is planning meals totalling 800 calories for the day. I know the book gives recipes but some seem a little faffy and include foods that I do not enjoy (prawns, sardines, turmeric, mackerel, pork). I assume just having a salad with meat/fish or similar with vegetables would be okay as long as I was under the 800 calories and following the principles of a mediterranean diet?
    I have ordered some of the Fast 800 shakes to help me in times of need (when plans go out the window!).
    I am keen to hear personal experiences of people who have tried the Fast 800 and samples of your daily meal plans.


  • posted by SunnyB

    Welcome Luna – yes indeed, it is perfectly okay to simplify things by compiling your own meals and menu plans, so that you have a protein source with veggies/salad, staying within the daily 800cals – be sure to keep an eagle eye on the carbs too though. Lots of us have gone that same route and not really used the recipes and menus in the books and successfully reached our target weights.
    I found that the BSD did spark a renewed interest in devising interesting meals though and the spice rack has been pressed into use again. Do have a look at the recipes on this website and doing an online search for low carb dishes will also provide a host of options.
    The forum is a great resource too, so make the most of it. You’ll get a warm welcome on any thread you feel will be relevant to you, so join any of them. I would recommend the weekly thread – One Week at a Time – as the people there are at various stages and have lots of experience and knowledge to share and there is lots of encouragement and support to be found there too.
    Best wishes to you and I’ll look forward to reading of your progress in due course.

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