New to fast 800 – can i loose weight on this diet

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  • posted by Beth2309

    So im very new on this diet – 2 days in and hungry
    Im 21 and im just over 10&half stone. Im not happy with my weight and ive tried so many different ways to loose weight and it never works
    Ive been told that because im only 10&half stone that im going to find it really tough to loose weight and my question is will this help me loose weight based on what i weigh at the moment

  • posted by Firefox7275

    Hi Beth2309.

    You should slowly shed any excess weight or excess body fat if you stick to all of Dr Mosley’s guidelines. How much you should aim to lose depends on your height and build, waist measurement or body fat percentage (depending what you are able to measure).

    It is worth slowly reading through ‘The Fast 800’ book again because you will absorb different information and different advice each time. Do note that this way of eating is about combining “weight loss and intermittent fasting for long-term health” (front cover). Many commercial diets you may have tried before are all about a quick fix and are unhealthy.

    If you are hungry on fast days ensure you are eating plenty of protein-rich foods (p.92), fibre-rich foods (eg. chia seeds or linseeds) and drinking sufficient water. Be sure to be physically active each and every day (p.104).


  • posted by alliecat

    Hi Beth, and welcome to the community! It’s actually healthy fats and fiber that keep us satiated, not protein.
    Raspberries, avocado, chia seeds and spinach are good sources. The BSD is based on a low carb, MODERATE
    protein and a high (healthy) fat concept. To estimate your protein requirements, the following formula is our rule
    of thumb: 1 gram of protein for every kg of IDEAL body weight. Never underestimate the power of water 🙂 Two
    liters a day, minimum. You should do very well, but let us know about your progress. We celebrate all victories
    here. Best to you,


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