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  • posted by Darwingirl

    Hi All
    I’ve only been on the diet for a short period and have managed to go from 82.5kg to 77.5kg but have somehow gone back to 78.5kg
    But my blood sugars have gone from 7+ to 5.1 this morning so that’s great.
    I have exercised about 3-5 times a week (50-60 mins) but have now upped that to everyday.
    I see it’s pretty normal to not loose in week two but just checking that the exercise won’t hinder my results as I get very discouraged easily
    I am totally sticking to 20g carbs and 800 calories so hopefully the gain is only fluid fluctuating ?

  • posted by JGwen

    Hi Darwingirl.
    Most of us are advised to drink 2 litres of water a day, a litre of water weighs a kg. Also there is the weight of your food in your digestive system which will fluctuate depending on what you ate over the last couple of days. 800 calories of cheese weighs a lot less than 800 calories of celery. So you will get some fluctuation on a daily basis on weight. – Better to monitor trends rather than changes day to day.
    Monitoring progress with the scales isn’t the best option, its better to monitor progress looking for inch loss. – When you keep insulin levels low you allow other hormone systems to work as they should. That includes allowing your body to repair / grow stronger. Obviously as your bones respond to exercise by becoming more dense and muscles increase that will cause an increase in weight, but a healthier body.

  • posted by Skipping through the tulips

    Hi, for me upping my exercise has only had positive results in terms of inches and kg. I feel that it helps tighten up the flab a bit. Healthier, denser bones weigh more but that’s not a negative, just something to bear in mind when the scales don’t move much.
    Try and see all the positives of your new lifestyle not just what the scales show. I’m still struggling to take my own advice but know it makes sense!

  • posted by Birdy76

    Hi Darwingirl

    Muscle also weighs more than fat. Don’t forget your body is mending itself now you are on this WOE. I was the same as you for nearly three weeks, I worried I wasn’t discarding but everyday and I mean everyday I noticed my clothes getting looser!

    We are all different and our bodies deal with things differently. We really can’t compare ourselves to anyone else. Except maybe our mums, but then that is a DNA thing.

    Please don’t get discouraged your bloods are good and that is of massive importance hun. You have got this and we can assure that it works. A few ladies and myself have been trying clothes on today and we are all at different stages but we are all noticing the inch discard and it is awesome. We have got you hun, and you have got this WOE and it will do exactly what we want it to do. Other changes for me have been my resting heart rate! It has been 71 for a long time, but now it is down to 64! My heart is not having to work so hard anymore and that is in just 4 weeks! It is now t just about the weight and inches it is about our whole health. Keep on keeping on you will be amazed at what this can do for you.


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