My Journey starting 8/4/19

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  • posted by Happyhel35

    I’m very excited. Start tomorrow..last of the family events here today. I’m forward planning and realistically only have 1 catered event in May to attend. And to be honest i will happily eat what ever carbs i want that day as its an Indian feast celebration.

    This week has been a gentle introduction to the 800 diet. I have given up dilute squash cordial – which is huge for me as i raised i hadn’t drank plain water in years. So that’s me now drinking just water or tea / coffee with milk.

    Ive also avoided bread apart from one breakfast before a 10k jog. I haven’t had any cereal and have monitored my fruit intake.

    So I’m starting tomorrow and very excited.
    I’m going to journal my food intake and my journey on here. .. all feedback gratefully recieved but please be nice. Otherwise i will cry.

    Starting weight 13.8 or 192lb or 90kg if my maths is correct.

    I’m 37 and female with polycystic ovaries BUT only borderline PCOS. I have fibroids as well. And anemia caused by my utterly ridiculously heavy periods. I had extremely heavy babies but thankfully no gest diabetes.

    I liked being 12 stone but genuinely cant remember being lighter than that. And i was 12stone for like a month after being on weight watchers for 6 months.

    So I’m taking this day by day. My husband works away and travels lots. I have to go easy on myself as i will just see it as failure and come off the diet completely if i go over 800 cals.

    So I’m aiming for 800cals and going to have to gauge the carbs . I was going to try to do 20-30 and see how it went.

    Thanks for all your help and feedback


  • posted by Birdy76

    Morning Happyhell35

    No one on this sight would be anything but nice, we are all non judgemental and we will all say DO NOT beat yourself up if you go over the 800 calories a day. I have been on it for 7 days and I haven’t always got it dead on 800 everyday but I have still lost 13lbs in a week. I am no expert but if you don’t have T2 then you can have a few more carbs, people have said you can have up to 50g a day. The only reason non diabetics on here try to stick to around 20g is to burn more sugar quickly and lose our bellies. Like I said I am not an expert but there will be someone along who knows so much more than me. They are guru’s to me and have been maintaining for a long time successfully.

    We all have bad days but it is not a failure at all, we have the tools and we can only do our best. We are a really supportive, friendly and non judgemental community who are here to support each other. No question is a stupid one and if someone can’t answer a question there will always be someone else who will jump on the thread and help.

    So a huge welcome to you and enjoy watching the weight discard on this amazing WOE and lifstyle change. Birdy💞
    (Way Of Eating)

  • posted by sixturkeys

    Hi Happy – please stay that in that mindset! I am only three months in, and not the quickest of the discarders (we do not say “lose”!) but things are heading in the right direction. If tomorrow is D Day then do remember to measure (not just waist: also chest, back, hips, bottom, thighs etc – I wish I had got all those down and not just waist) because it is very common (if not an experience for all) to see inches go when it is not reflected on the scales. Also, do not think of temporary blips in calories as a “failure” – in fact I would say carbs are perhaps more important to get our heads round as this WoE is very much about re-educating our bodies who have just got used to carb overload, in a permanent way. On that score, it may very well be that by the time you get to your celebration feast in May, the obvious carbs on offer will hold little (or much less) appeal for you and you will just be making a bee-line for veggies and protein. Just in January I could not have imagined eating a curry for example without rice/naan and/or (normally and…) poppadum. Now those are not missed! The “re-education” process in the context of a lifetime is very brief! All the very best and as Birdy says there is a huge amount of knowledge and support on here!

  • posted by alliecat

    A very warm welcome to you, Happyhel! You’ve come to the right place :). I’m a little concerned though,
    about your thoughts on how to approach a celebration an entire month from now..i.e., “I’ll happily eat whatever
    carbs I want that day”. Forgiving yourself for a little blip along the way is good advice, but planning a blowout
    is a different thing altogether. The BSD is a change in lifestyle permanently, not a short period of deprivation.
    In the process we do truly “retrain” our palette and our minds to think about food in an entirely different way.
    I promise that it happens for everyone if we stay clear of the carbs from the start! There are numerous
    strategies for navigating special events. Just one of which is to eat something BSD friendly before you
    go, and when at the celebration, choose what’s available from the protein and vegetables being offered.
    If you are concerned about drawing attention to yourself, you may tell a little white lie, i.e., I’m concerned
    about diabetes, and avoiding the carbs will prevent that from happening, and THEN change the subject 🙂
    Most people are so busy enjoying their own plate of food to even notice what you have on your plate!
    Birdy speaks the truth…We are only here to be helpful and supportive, and we do that without judgement 🙂
    That’s what makes the forum a special and “safe” place. In the beginning there is a steep learning curve
    for everyone, but if you have a look around the other threads and choose an active one to join, you will
    learn a great deal in a short time, and I can assure you that you will receive a warm welcome! There is
    much knowledge to share, and we love doing it! Very best to you, Happyhel. Hope to see you soon!


  • posted by alliecat

    P.S., Happyhel…Keep an extra eye open for Esnecca’s posts. She has PCOS too, and it took her to a very
    dark place. She’s a virtual expert on the condition, and has all the knowledge required for your management
    of this problem. Her accomplishments will fill you with “shock and awe” 🙂 (Hi, Essie!)

  • posted by Happyhel35

    Thank you all so much for your super kind and supportive replies!!.

    I’m very excited about tomorrow and will make myself tonight.

    Don’t worry I’m not planning to binge in May. that came across wrong. But the Indian feast day will be highly unusual as its a family members birthday -90!!- and so family i never see will be here for it. Everyome will be cooking and i will want to eat my aunties famous dhal. I last had it ten years ago. But i will eat small portions so I just taste it. And will ensure i eat in a controlled and mindful manner. I do not want to binge

    Much love to you all xx

  • posted by GreenGal

    Excited for you tooo for tomorrow Happy, it’s such a good feeling to take the control back – I have had a really good first week on the whole, looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow. I feel like this is definitely something I can do for the next 8 weeks and if I can then anyone can! All the best and look forward to hearing your numbers on the ⚖️ going down down down 💚

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