Middle aged woman – what chance of success?

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  • posted by MaDe

    Hello – I hope it’s okay to start a new post. I’m starting this today and could really do with help and encouragement!
    I’m 46, female, otherwise fit and healthy but carrying at least a stone in excess weight for almost 8 years now since the burst of my second child. I have a family history of T2DM and IHD so keen to do all I can to prevent ending up there too. I’m quite active and do Crossfit at least twice a week (although I’m always going to remain the class dunce as everyone else is way more advanced but that doesn’t bother me, as I really enjoy the varied movements) but I have a Full time stressful mainly desk job and young kids so temptations to eat unhealthily always there.

    I thought I might try this, but am unsure if this works for middle aged women? I have seen a gradual thickening of my waist and thighs and the excess weight is now so much more stubborn than it used to be (I lost all the baby weight after my first child was born when I was 30 – I did weightwatchers and it worked a treat but doesn’t seem to work now) – Has 800 fast diet worked for women my age? Would anyone be happy to share stories to inspire me?

    I will post my weight in a follow up post.

    All responses much appreciated!


  • posted by caronl

    Hi MaDe,’ Of course it’s OK to start a new thread – this website has very few rules apart from being nice to each other, and not offering medical advice! Though you will find that you get more responses if you join one of the more active threads such as Journey through January or the weekly thread that wendleg starts – if you check under Forums, Most recent topics you will find them.

    Many of us on here are middle aged (or would like to be!), so that is absolutely no obstacle to success on this way of eating. Like you, I found weight was far more difficult to shift after my second child (though I started from an overweight state anyway) – at least with Weight Watchers. My own experience is that I lost 20 kgs (3 stone) over 5 months, and ended up at the lowest weight I had been in about 30 years. Although I have slipped a bit since then, I am still only just over my healthy BMI 2 years later.

    You have nothing to lose by giving it a go. Admittedly temptations in the house won’t help. But most meals you eat can be pretty similar to those for the kids – minus the potatoes/rice/pasta, and substituting eg courgette or cauliflower rice. If you check out the Success Stories thread, you will find plenty of inspiration. Very best wishes.

  • posted by Bryla

    Hi MaDe,
    I am new to the diet (5 days in) and a 40 something woman too. I can’t offer a success story, but just wanted to say we are in the same boat. I completely identify with everything getting ‘thicker’ and I can’t improve things by a bit of sensible eating like I used to. I did a lot of reading before I started, and I haven’t seen anything at all to suggest that this won’t work for us. The progress seems to be different for everyone, but the rationale that if we are eating less so that our bodies have to use our fat stores for energy is hard for me to argue against. Good luck! Hopefully we will both be sharing success stories some time in the future.

  • posted by chrissierichards


    Just wanted to say I’m 58, post menopause and skinny other than around my middle, so. Really difficult to lose this unwanted fat. Nothing else has made much difference and I’m sure that it’s because of the insulin resistance. My blood sugars are up and I’m exhausted so thought I’d try fast800! In two weeks I’ve lots 5lbs and don’t feel bloated or uncomfortable. Still a long way to go, but one of the best things about this ‘diet’ is that both ( me and my husband are loving the food. We are real foodies and a lot of our social life focuses on food and drink, so to enjoy the food is a real bonus. I’d definitely give this a real go, also, watch the Horizon programme MM did, and the Magic Pill on Netflix if you need more convincing of the benefits…

    Good luck!

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