Low carb or no carb?

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  • posted by LordSutch

    My first post, so go easy!

    I exercise a good amount, about 30/40km a week i run. I gym and cycle a bit too. I have about an inch of fat around my waist which I really want rid of! I entirely believe the philosophy in the 8 week blood sugar diet book. If i could train my body to burn fat not sugar, then i might stand a chance of reaching my goal and actually lose the belly fat.

    Can i burn the belly fat by reducing the quantity or carbs and eliminating the refined carbs? Can i train my body to use it own fat resource as fuel instead, whilst still eating a suitable portion of low GI carbs? Or do i need to completely cut all carbs so i burn the body fat? What then happens when i reintroduce carbs, will i die if i eat a Mars bar?

    Typically my breakfast is 55g porridge oats with protein powder (no sugar), blueberries and pumpkin seeds. I think tomorrow i might try salmon and eggs with avocado and just go steady on the exercise.

    Im about 6ft tall and weigh approx 14stone 6. I have no history of diabetes

    Your comments would be greatly received.

  • posted by freester

    Hey it’s a friendly forum here so no need to request ‘go easy’ 🙂 – oh and welcome.

    I guess I can only reply from my own experiences. When I embarked on this diet I struggled to really find anyone who was into serious running / cycling who could give me any advice on exercise / fuelling etc. I’m a keen club level cyclist.

    So I followed the BSD 800 cals a day. I used recipes from the book and the Recipe book. These certainly allow a few of the ‘good carbs’, but no added sugar, no starches etc. I was 6’4 and 17.5 stone so had some weight to lose (no diabetes but had BP that needed sorting or medication would be administered).

    Initially I felt really tired, my first bike ride after 2 weeks of 800 cals I remember was 1.5 hours (short by my standards) and I felt like I’d done 40 miles before I even got on the bike. I persevered and slowly built the time / miles back up. As I lost weight I got quicker especially up the hills…

    So a year later I would say, your body will adjust but there will be a transition period. You will certainly lose the belly fat if you stick to it.

    Personally I stay away from all the foods not recommended even now. I haven’t reintroduced any carbs apart from the good ones. I still don’t eat bread, potatoes, pasta, etc. Certainly no Mars Bars!!!

    From an exercise point of view my body has certainly adjusted. Before I had to keep fuelling for anything longer than 2 hours. Now I can go 3-4 hours before I feel the dreaded bonk. Now for fuel I’ll stick to nuts / seeds a few raisins etc.

    PS from porridge oats point of view interesting discussion in the BSD recipe book, steel cut oats best, jumbo oats OK, rolled oats less OK instant oats bad from a processed carbs point of view. Personally I rarely have porridge these days if I do – from steel cut oats. It’s a mindset to move away from carb loading / fuelling up to exercise.
    PPS Dave Brailsford and low carb… https://road.cc/content/news/250877-sir-dave-brailsford-reveals-his-personal-diet-and-training-regime-strava

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