Low blood sugar

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  • posted by Richard M 12A

    Have been on the Fast 800 BSD and apart from a few slips managing to keep it up, not easy as I am stuck in Morocco and on my own. Due to this I have had to improvise and rearrange the diet but have always kept to around the 800 cal mark and try to maintain 50g of protein every day. Have lost around 7 kg and lost 5cm around my waist, the problem that I have is that it has been too effective on the blood sugar levels. Bought a glucose monitor with the intention of checking weekly but as it started to drop I have been checking twice a day, first thing in the morning and then 2 hours after breakfast. My average is now around 3.5 mmol/L (fasting) and 3.9, 2 hours after eating. Have completely stopped my metformin all of which is great but low sugar also has it own problems.

    Anyone else have the same thing? Did it change later? What did you do to help it?

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi there Richard and well done on the weight loss. This is one of the things I am always banging on about. Yes your BG will go right down, that is the point of the Blood Sugar Diet and the Fast 800 is basically the same as the BSD but not aimed specifically at diabetics. I used to panic if my morning readings went under 5.0. Now I am okay at around 3.5 to 4 but with caution. My BG used to drop in the afternoon which coincided with my exercise routine. Know your own body and all the signs and symptoms of a hypo such as numb or tingling lips, shaking, sweating, blurred vision etc, you should know these yourself. If you feel at all unwell have a small snack, something which is allowed on the diet (I no longer stuff a jam sandwich into my mouth as in the old days) a slice of ham or chicken, 2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt with a couple of prunes or apricots chopped in or a couple of walnuts. If that doesnt make you feel better have something sweet. I always have a bag of Werthers Originals in the house but also emergency glucose sachets. I prefer not to use the glucose as they may bring your BG up but it will drop again very quickly if you dont then eat something – so it is a quick fix until you can get to real food.
    Stopping the Metformin is not recommended and we are not doctors but the Metformin would bring your BG down further so you might want to talk to your doctor just to let him know what you are doing. What you are experiencing is normal for the diet and you just need to be a bit more careful than a non diabetic. Also, home monitors are not that accurate, usually under what you actually are, so at 3.5 i would not be panicking. Under 3 I would be worried and eating something extra. Hope that helps.
    Can I just add that when I started this plan 4 years ago I was running at 8.5 and within around 3 weeks was down to 5.0 and the occasional 4.0. I did a post back then called What Are We Doing To Ourselves or something like that and received reassurance from other members. Good luck.

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