Joyful July

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  • posted by JGwen

    Hi guys,

    As its coming to the end of the month and I have just had my weekly trip out to the shops its time to report my progress. My weekly trip out is my weekly experience of putting jeans on and seeing progress on what hole my belt does up.

    I have achieved the drop one hole on my belt challenge for the month. – Next months challenge will be to drop another hole.

  • posted by Dreamscometrue

    Hi JGwen that’s fantastic news! And you’ve answered the question I was planning to post later today about whether we want another monthly thread. I’d certainly like one too so will set one up tomorrow. Awesome August maybe? Other name ideas much appreciated.

    How’s everyone been doing? I didn’t achieve my weight loss targets this month, but am maintaining well and am really pleased that I’m now in a good exercise routine. Hopefully there will be numerical drops for some of us next month, but it’s been really encouraging to hear of your progress in other areas this month: whether health readings, waist measurements, clothes fitting better, exercise regimes or – most important – feeling good and being kind to ourselves.

    So a Joyful July in many ways, but am also mindful of our dear Aussie friends currently battling another lockdown. Sending love and virtual hugs to you guys and hope that there are still some joyful moments in your days too X

  • posted by Jennie10

    JGwen, Yay!!! That’s a great result on your ‘drop one hole on your belt’ challenge – I reckon that’s one of the best NSV challenges I’ve come across. Well done that woman. Hope the walking routes and website are going well, too.
    Btw, I’m in the middle of reading Ben Bikman’s book. I’ve been interrupted by a visit from my son but one of the things I noticed is he advocates the ‘exercise to failure’ idea. I posted Ted Naiman’s video on it on the Take a Look at This thread some time ago. Californiagirl got really positive results with it (wonder how she’s doing?), but for various reasons I never really did it. Did you do something similar ? (I think it was when you were part of the exercise research project). If you did, I’d be interested in your thoughts.

    DCT – I’m so pleased that my last post helped. What amazing timing. Isn’t it funny how these things work?!?- and great that you went ahead and did the run. Glad you’re feeling good about this month’s progress – although I know what you mean about not forgetting what’s going on for others.

    Merry – Your recipe ingredients have now been delivered so will bake the bread soon and let you know how it goes. Again, thanks for sending them. xx

    So, I’m pleased to say my blood sugar levels are back to where they usually are (my fasting bgl this morning was 4.5) and all my tests throughout the day have been between 4.2 and 5.6 so far this week. This was my target for July so I’m delighted with this.
    I’ve also lost 5lb (3lb – 1lb a day over 3 days this week – only lose like this on BSD – always find this quite odd).
    I’m now back down to 9st 5lb so have lost half of my lockdown weight gain.

    DCT – I’d also like to carry on for August – and I really like Awesome August!

    I might not be on the new thread for the first few days (family commitments) so my target for August will be to get back down to 9st – my maintenance weight – as well as getting better at my food tracking and exercise routine which is still a bit wobbly to be honest – the latter, literally!

    Looking forward to reading about everyone else’s progress. Have a good weekend everyone.
    Jennie xx

  • posted by Dreamscometrue

    Well done Jennie on getting your blood sugar levels back under control, and also your weight loss. That’s great news. Enjoy your family time and hope to see you soon.

    Hello to everyone else on this thread as well. Hope all is well. For those that want to continue, I have set up a new monthly thread: Awesome August. I’ll post my August targets on there tomorrow. Hope to see some of you there X

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