Issues with drinking too much water?.

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  • posted by Steviep

    I have just completed week 2, so far so good.
    Been drinking about 2.5 litres all in, mostly water.
    Yesterday I seemed super thirsty and calculated that I must have taken in about 4 litres.

    Reaction has been really stiff right calf that is super painful to walk on, yet yesterday I walked 4 miles over mixed terrain and cycled another 15 with no problems..

    The calf seems very sore and rock hard to the touch- left one is fine.

    Has anyone had a similar experience, and how did they overcome the problem.



  • posted by WindyJulz

    Hi Steviep.
    I’m on week 5 (so no expert) and i have had some very thirsty days – i think its to do with ketosis and the ‘gadz’ taste in my mouth. I havent suffered with muscle pain though, but the thing that jumps out is salt intake, If you are drinking a lot you are likely knocking your salt levels out a little especially if you are exercising a lot. Have a look at some electrolytes maybe, but even adding some table salt will probably help. OR maybe you have just picked up a wee injury??
    good work on the water intake and the exercise though!

  • posted by SunnyB

    Spot on there Julz, it’s important to replace last salts when we increase hydration. Doing so should relieve your aching legs Stevie.

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