I'm "skinny fat" – will this help shift visceral deposits?

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  • posted by ploughclose

    My Body Mass Index is around 20, and I’m on the slim side. However, I do have a bit of a gut round the middle and very little fat anywhere else. Will the Mediterranean diet help? Part of Michael’s advice in the book is that this isn’t really suitable for those with a BMI less than 20. I weigh 75 kg and am a keen cyclist, but I would like to get back to 70 kg as that’s when I was at my fittest and lightest for climbing Alpine hills on the bike. I’m also 65 years old. I’m reasonably careful about what I eat, but probably drink too much. I have cut down on the booze, though!

    Any advice gratefully received.


    Chris Walker.

  • posted by Jolly Roger

    Hi Chris
    Just found your post as I have been looking at the thread on GP response elsewhere.
    We share similar characteristics (age and weight). My BMI is down to 22 (25 when I started the diet – which is slightly modified in that I eat more than 800 cals per day but only the “good foods”). I played a lot of squash years ago and maintained a weight of 10st 8lbs for over a decade until I gave up. The last few years of commuter life has pushed me into the diabetic region and it seems it will be hard to shake it off, so I intend to stick with the diet.

    As noted elsewhere we are all different and some foods work better for some than others. I find myself gradually refining my diet based on blood sugar results.
    You don’t say if you are diabetic but if your intention is to lose weight then the diet has certainly worked for me. I have lost 2 stone since starting to diet.

    You say you drink too much booze. If that is beer, then you will definitely have problems. I haven’t had any beer since starting the diet and have an occasional glass of red wine (which doesn’t seem to cause a “spike” for me.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.


  • posted by pmshrink

    Hi Chris
    The Blood Sugar Diet is particularly aimed at belly fat and visceral fat so it should help you. Beer is out though! For the duration.

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