How many calories should I consume post diet (to maintain weight)?

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  • posted by ASarj

    Hi All,
    Currently on the Fast800 and have lost 13.7 kilos in 11 weeks. However, I am aware that as a dieter, I won’t be able to consume the suggested 2000 calories a day just to maintain weight (due to slowed metabolism because of dieting). Does anyone know the formula for figuring out how many calories someone with a slowed metabolism (due to dieting) needs to maintain weight?
    I know the book suggests moving onto a Mediterranean style of eating post diet, but even that contains a certain amount of calories (every diet does, regardless of whatever diet you follow).
    This has required a lot of work, and if possible, i want to decrease my chances of putting weight back on again by watching calories/type of food going in (obviously I’m not the type of person that can freestyle/eyeball food portions, otherwise there would be no need for me to follow a diet in the first place).
    Thank you all in advance!

  • posted by alliecat

    Hello, ASarji! I wrote a long post on this very frequently asked question a few days ago. Scroll down until
    you find a thread called “Low carbs”. The date of my post is April 3rd. I hope this helps!


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