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  • posted by KimSue

    Hi. I joined this group a couple of weeks ago. I tried out the Fast 800 diet for a week, and lost about 2 kilos (I am 158 cms in height, currently about 74 kilos and would like to lose at least 10 of those). Then I went on a prearranged holiday for 8 days, and basically ate ‘normally’ during that time. As I expected, I have regained all the weight I lost. It was a holiday where I was eating out most of the time and choices were limited, so in the end I just ate what was available. I am intending to get back into the F-800 within a day or two, and will then have 3 weeks before my next trip away. This time it will be a camping trip where I will be mostly cooking our own meals, so perhaps a little easier – but supplies and storage of sufficient quantities of fresh meat and veggies may be an issue, if I am to find enough to eat with a very low carb content. I am wondering what others do when it comes to holidays or frequent trips away. Are you able to maintain this WOE, or do you have any tips?

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