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  • posted by beckgirl

    Hello everyone. I am back on the BSD after successfully losing two stone a couple of years ago (but stupidly failing to keep it off!).

    I have just finished week two.

    This time I was determined to properly track and measure everything I eat, and I am using MyFitness Pal to do that and I have been really disciplined and recorded every morsel to pass my lips over the first two weeks.

    My calories have only exceeded 800 calories once (up to 860), and my carbs at between 40-50g every day except one (when they were at 60). I’m not doing lots of exercise, but I am pretty active and don’t spend all day sitting.

    The first week I lost 8lbs. I have just weighed myself to see how the second week went and was so disappointed to see a weight loss of about 1.5lbs. I just don’t understand – this is the sort of weight loss I would expect on a less calorie restricted diet and I am feeling so dispirited.

    I’d be hugely grateful if anyone could offer any advice. I have high blood sugar and am determined to keep going, but another week like this might be too much to take!! Many thanks

  • posted by WindyJulz

    Hi Beckgirl, I do believe that the first week is usually most significant for number and then things slow down a bit – it is to do with the water released when you stop processing carbs for energy. There is no way we could loose 8lbs a week continuously for 12 weeks…. the slow is to be expected. 1.5lbs is still good, and if you keep at it you will see fluctuations week by week but you will keep on a downward trend and you will reach your goals. There are also other things to consider other than just scale numbers – have you taken measurement? Will you be testing blood sugar levels etc? Give it time and you will see all the benefits as well as the weight.
    Weight is dependent on a lot of factors – water in vs water out; food in vs food out….. 500mls water weighs 1.1lbs so can have a significant effect. I weigh first thing in the morning, same time every time so I remove as many variables as possible but its not that simple.

    Come join us on the weekly thread in the Fast800 section and we will cheer you on. There are loads of far more knowledgeable people in me who can probably explain it all a bit better!

  • posted by SunnyB

    Beckgirl, welcome back. You have probably forgotten, that there are weeks which, despite us doing everything by the book, the results are disappointing. However this is completely normal, as your body will be adjusting to the new regime, once it’s done that, you’ll see things move in the right direction again. This aside though, weigh loss is not linear, so we have to be prepared to ride out weeks like this, when we feel cheated by the scales.
    Look out for the non-scales victories too though, trousers not so snug, being able to exercise a bit longer without getting breathless, sleeping better, clearer skin etc. etc. … all of these and more count too.
    Please do think about joining in on the ‘One Week at a Time’ thread …. I’m sure you’ll find some names you know there. We help to keep each other accountable, provide support and encouragement and will help you celebrate the wins. Keep going and you WILL reach your goal.

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