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  • posted by Kingdoone

    Since I started I have been eating between noon and 8pm . I do not find that too difficult and keeping to the recipes with plenty of fluids .
    Last night I watched the horizon programme about fasting .
    1. I felt Michaels pain ! As an ex health professional myself being overweight feels shameful . But as he didn’t look overweight , the health implications etc . I found very moving .

    2 following his own diet advice was very encouraging and I was very interested In the scientific research and his success.
    It has made me even more determined to reach my goal although I have a lot more weight to lose than Michael .
    Out of the 6 in my family , I am the only one who has not yet had a cancer diagnosis , dad and twin brother ca pancreas ,mum brain tumour, sister ca uterus and Barrets oesophagus, other sister ca kidney . My middle daughter also had ca thyroid .
    Another good reason for fasting and calorie restriction .
    Good luck everyone , I can hardly wait for Monday to see how I am doing .

  • posted by Tinatulips

    Hi Dee,
    Started time restricted eating January 2 and am working my way up to 800 calories a day. Just received the new book, The Fast 800. Lost 15 kilos in 8 weeks when the first book came out, so I know it works. Gained it back slowly, giving it my all one more time.
    I am looking for a 800 buddy to take this journey with me.
    Down 2 kilos, ready to take the next step.

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