End week one

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  • posted by paddy57

    Hi just thought I’d post my experiences of week 1.
    Background – Been type 2 for over 15 years & followed the usual route, diet, meds, insulin (Lantus + rapide) with associated weight gain etc.
    After xmas found myself at my highest ever bmi 31.9 so on 13/1/16 started a diet before discovering the 800 cals a day one.
    So on 25/1/16 I started the 800 calls a day & my bmi was 31.2.
    I lost 11.2 lbs BMI 29.8 & on day 2 found I could drop insulin to 0 & stopped metformin – But Day 5 blood sugar started rising again so I’m back on metformin and extremely reduced insulin (rapide after meals not lantus)
    What have I found? Apart for the craving for white bread (croissants) and booze I’m ok, with exercise my calorie deficit is around 2.2k/day.
    I have had to reduce to 2 meals a day & noticed my calcium was down so I now take calcium additives.

    Also I’d lost 11.2lbs by day 5 but now have hit a wall and have been the same weight for 3 days

    Going to stick with it and see if the weight drop restarts. Good luck with your diets.

  • posted by Vetgirl

    Big well done on your results!
    Re the weightloss I lost 9lb in the first few days then nothing all through week 2 until yesterday when it’s started again ( I hope it’s going to be the same for you). Stick with it as its worth it although I can’t say I haven’t wanted to break it a couple of times. My craving is for wholemeal bread ( hilarious as I don’t even like wholemeal bread really). Staring week 3 today, let me know how you go ( I found week 2 the hardest especially with no weightloss but lowering BSG levels kept me going!
    Vet girl

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