End of My first week ….

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  • posted by Cooktin

    It is officially one week since I started this diet. In the past I have done all the mainstream diets and had some success but more failures. This was a last ditch attempt, I vowed that if this does not work I would accept I was meant to be large and roll with it (literally).
    My first week has been amazing. I have eaten so well. My Plate has been heaving with Vegetables and fish mostly. I even had a curry with brown rice.
    I am a chef and have got around tasting the food at work by enlisting the other staff as quality control !
    I can’t say I have not been hungry, I have, but…..at the right times, when it was time to eat ! So sitting down to my meals was an immense pleasure.
    So I got on the scales this morning and ……insert drum roll………11lbs OFF. I am gobsmacked and so happy !
    Roll on week 2.

  • posted by snackerlady

    WOW Cooktin!! That is fantastic 😀 that’s 3lbs off a stone!!

    Being a chef means you get an extra medal for the willpower it must take working around food, that’s impressive!
    I love these kind of posts, SO motivating thank you!

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