Diary of a Weary Dragon 2021

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  • posted by ddraig_goch

    Having tried this diet before back in 2017 and getting nowhere I am back to try harder. I haven’t eaten any form of sugar or grains since 2013 (except in the odd pint of Guinness or bar of 90% chocolate) and managed to keep the weight off quite well although I never managed to get down to my actual goal weight, which was why I ended up here back in 2017. However, since working in a supermarket over the last 2 years I have found easy and relatively cheap access to fruit (berries mainly), nuts and healthy fats to be my down fall, together with a lack of exercise and managed to gain nearly 4 stone. I have managed to lose 10lb but have been stuck on 13st8 for the last 3 months so have decided to start a diary on here for some accountability and this time I am determined to succeed.

    I also want to do something positive with my dog Henry as he is a working spaniel but through covid has not seen his friends at the dog club since December and not had any active training since March last year. So I have booked a 5k run/jog/walk canicross event for 22 May. With a previous dodgy knee I wouldn’t want to attempt to jog/walk that distance at my current weight so will do the NHS Couch 2 5k on the treadmill starting today.

    I read somewhere that on the fast 800 the average weight loss is lose 5kg in 2wks and 14kg in 8wks so my goal weight in time for the run in 7 weeks time is 11st9. Wish me luck.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi ddraig_goch, welcome (back) to the site. Not sure about the average weight losses as I only had 3,5 stone to lose in the first place and lost around 2 stone in the first 8 weeks which I estimate is around 12kgs. That was without a single carb or over 800 calorie passing my lips. Like you I never reached my final goal weight and still havent. I am still here because I am diabetic and it motivates me to stay low on carbs to protect my blood glucose levels. I have gained from time to time and make renewed efforts to lose more weight but as long as my BG stay stable I dont worry too much and just lose what I have gained over and over i.e. christmas gain, lose it, Easter gain, lose it etc. Lockdown has made it a bit different for me as I usually only gain on events and there havent been any so I have managed some loss again. Dont judge yourself by what other people do, just do your best and try to keep your resolve and motivation going and I am sure you will do well again. Your dog will thank you for the effort.

    Good luck and look forward to reading your diary.

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