Day 1

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  • posted by Tuffty

    I’m just starting the diet today I’m confused over a few things do u have to stick to the meal planner at bk of book day by day ? And recipes grateful for any help plz

  • posted by Verano

    Hi Tufty
    Firstly you are in the right place. Quite a few of us have reversed our T2 and you can too.
    You don’t have to follow the recipes but it may help at first. You can pick and choose. The secret, especially if you have T2 is to control your carbs. I’m assuming you have the latest Fast 800 Keto book? Anyway, they are all pretty similar…. try and keep your calories around 800-900 a day and your carbs less than 50g. A really good website with great graphics is will give you a good idea of the number of carbs in food and drink. Secondly, take a look at one of the ‘counting’ apps/websites. or .com is a good one but there are many others depending on which part of the world your in. Finally, join of or more of the other threads. ‘February, one week at a time’ is a good thread with lots of new and ‘vintage’ posters. Just keep asking questions when you’re unsure and somebody will always help.
    If you search in the search box too right hand side you will find a few old threads with recipes …. Soups, cauliflower dishes and of course there are recipes on the bottom right hand side here.
    Enjoy your journey!

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Tufty, welcome to the site. I wont give you any more advice as Verano has done a good enough job and we are sure you will have lots more questions when you think of them. I followed the weekly meal planners in the 8 Week BSD book but swapped out things I didnt like for something similar – so the sardine and cream cheese dip for me became tuna and cream cheese and so on but keep it something alike in calories and carbs.

    You dont say what your BG numbers are, are you on meds, are you self testing etc. It might help to include such info so you dont get the wrong advice. For me personally, I started with an HbAic of around 8.5 which I think is about 85 on the other measurement scale. And this was reduced to 6.5 in 2 weeks and then down again to around 5.00 in the next month. This meant I had to have a careful eye on my meds but with the help of my doctor managed to reduce almost all my meds and insulin. Unfortunately for me, being on insulin for 15 years makes it very difficult to get final remission but I do live a much healthier life and still follow the basics of the diet after 6 years. Im one of the vintage posters as Verano put it. Quite like being vintage. Stay with us.

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