Cups of tea

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  • posted by embly

    Hi I am about to start my journey bir just wanted to know if I can have a cup of tea with milk? I cant find it anywhere

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Hi and welcome Embly
    If you are tracking calories and carbs, then you could have milk in tea/coffee – just count those calories/carbs as you go.
    I have always had splash of milk in coffee (I make at home, not take out) and just use an app (like Fatsecret, MFP, Easy Diet Diary) to count the calories as part of my 800 a day. Takeout coffees, lattes, cappuccino, etc can contain a lot of milk, so be aware of them.
    Many people skip the milk and that’s great. But if you are like me, and can’t drink tea/coffee without a dash of milk, then that is fine too. You are looking to change your eating habits for a lifetime, so you need to do what works for you. I have found that I can drink fruit teas or herbal teas without milk, so you might try some of those throughout the day.
    Jump onto the ONE WEEK AT A TIME thread that is open every week (we are up to week beginning 19 May) – and post any questions there. Lots of people to give you great support.
    cheers, Merry

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