Can’t poo after a few days on bsd

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  • posted by Sugaraddict55

    Any tips on how to keep things moving. I think the lack of carbs leads to lower water retention which is responsible for the quick weight loss but I get constipated. Is it just me?

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Hi Sugaraddict
    Have a look at these posts for lots of ideas
    or just search constipation in the search box at the top of this page.
    Further to what I wrote in those posts, I find that flax seed and chia seeds help me get moving. Sprinkle some of each (a couple of teaspoons) on some greek full fat yogurt and stir in. Leave for 15 mins or so for the chia seeds to soften a little. You can buy ground flax seeds (also called linseed) – or you can but flax unground. You can sprinkle on some cinnamon and some vanilla essence if you want to add some more flavour.

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