Breakfast and packed lunches

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  • posted by Panda Bear

    Hi there,
    Panda Bear here. I am looking for inspiring ideas for breakfasts and lunches on the go. I want to make this diet a life style change and that means finding a way to stick to calories in the real working world instead of starvng myself through the day and bingeing at night. 🙈

    What foods do you guys go to when out? I would love some packed lunch ideas. Breakfast for me doesn’t happen at home when i am working but usually on the go and usually consists of 1 latte.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Panda Bear (Are you a complete newbie or should I know your name) – reading your profile, there is no reason why you cannot enjoy life and getting out and about with T2 even with food restrictions. The first thing you have to realise and accept is that you have something wrong with you that is very serious and the future prognosis is for worsening health, medications and then more medications and so on. But you can stop right there with that thought and know it doesnt have to be like that but it is down to you.

    My first advice and this is from my own situation – starchy white carbs are the enemy and we are not just talking sugar. Cut them out of your diet first of all, even more important than calories (depends on weight of course). Then just eat other things you enjoy. I have had my trials of visiting friends or going to restaurants. One place I asked for no chips and they brought them on a separate plate in case I was tempted. Of course I was – dont put them in front of me (I actually passed them down the table to friends). I am sure you have some knowledge of what to eat and what not to and restaurants are getting better. Try asking for extra veg or a big salad serving instead of the carbs.

    Hope I havent jumped in where I am not wanted but back to your original question. What to eat for breakfast and packed lunches. Yoghurts (full fat natural/plain) with berries is easy. Something you can make in advance is mini quiches without the pastry base. A bit like egg muffins with any low carb filling. Do you have access to a microwave or oven at work. Home made porridge in a pot. Soups are always good if you are able to warm them up. Also, have a look on the website http://www.thedietdoctor for low carb recipe ideas. It is a start but without knowing your circumstances, likes and dislikes etc it is hard to be more specific.

    Hope that helps – a bit.

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