Apps for monitoring carb etc intake

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  • posted by SammyG

    After a nightmare year I am determined to wipe slate clean and start again. I remembered using the MyFitnessPal app to log my carb, fat and protein intke on the BSD800 diet. I can’t remember what the spilt was for the 800 cals. Does anyoen know please?

    At the moment if I set it for 800 cals per day it says I should have 50% carb, 20% protein and 30% fat but I am sure the carb was lower and fat was slightly higher last time but I could be wrong. Does anyone have the details please?
    Thanks, Samantha

  • posted by SueBlue

    Sammy I have mine set to carbs 25% (which is 50g), protein 40% and fat 35%. I don’t really stick to the protein and fat ones, but do try to keep carbs under 50g where I can. I did read that with protein you need 0.8- 1g per kg of body weight. 40% (of 800 calories) is 80g of protein, so would suit a person who is 80-100kg I guess, you could adjust the protein down and the fat up to suit your weight.
    You do need to eat higher amounts of (healthy) fats and protein, compared to carbs on BSD as fats and protein help
    To keep you feeling full.

  • posted by JGwen

    I use fatsecret.
    I aim for 20g of carbs, I have read that 0.6 to 0.8g of protein per kilo of TARGET not current weight is the range to aim for and the rest of calories from fat.

    I use one of the cheap breathalyzers, AT6000 from amazon to measure for ketones in my breath. I find even after a couple of years on this way of eating I still have to be around 20g of carbs to be in ketosis.

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