almost recovered; not hungry then starving

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  • posted by Tatie

    I did pretty well for about 3 weeks then wanted some variety so I ate a bag of mixed nuts (few raisins in there but I picked most of them out; “Raw Trail” like name, from Trader Joe’s.

    Then I came down with what I thought was a cold, clogged head & sinuses; heavy coughing trying to go into my lungs. Then it was pain in lower gut. I used to have IBS gut attacks, you just have to wait them out, until the pain flows all the way down the Mississippi. Here’s a description: It’s getting weaker every day, but I still have some pain. Nobody knows the cause and how to fix it, a lot of speculation; peppermint oil seems to relieve. Reading up on IBS, I also read up on lycopene and started eating tomato paste this week, tho’ it’s kind of carby. Also have been eating lentils and 12 gr protein tortillas.

    I have the frigo full of greens, peppers, cucumbers, chicken and on the side canned sardines for when I re-dive in. Still looking for a good sardine recipe.

    Suffering but joyfully recovering,


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