A fast 800 diet buddy, my first day!

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  • posted by Alice098

    I’m 27 year old woman, 165lbs. I gained 80lbs last year and went from 110 to 190 due to pcos and newly blossomed bipolar disorder which made me have some really funny delusions like I had to eat McDonald’s to prove my americannness (I live in America). Long story short (I can tell you the long story later)….I on my own lost some weight and got down to 165. I didn’t know about BSD but I was doing low carb 800 calories it felt right. You know.

    Now that I see there’s a community here I’d love a dieting buddy. We can send each other our daily food, text, etc, just keep each other company instead of hungry and focused on eating. I fell off the wagon for a few weeks so I’ve been stuck at 165. Need to get back down to 110. My periods have stopped at well and the doctors said I need to lose weight to get them back. So this is critical for my life, fertility, etc, not just vanity. The next step in PCOS is blood sugar problems, I want to stop this before it gets that far.

    Introduce yourself and let’s talk!

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