800 Calories Gross or Net?

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  • posted by Dariusz19

    Hi All,
    Just started on the diet. Day 6 and around 2.0-2.5kg down, although I appreciate that is mostly water as waist size has not reduced.

    I have a question whether he 800 eaten calories per day is supposed to be Gross or Net?
    If you do around 500 or 1000 calories exercise on the day, then should you increase your daily intake to 1300(800+500) or 1800(800+1000) calories?
    It would seem a more sensible approach to do so but it is not clear in the guidelines for the BSD diet.

    What are your views?

  • posted by Bill1954

    The way I read the book, you do 800 calories as well as the exercise.

  • posted by Stalagtites

    Hi dariusz19,

    I am a recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic and having just read this book, I intend to start the 8 week diet.
    I burn 1,000 to 1,400 calories during 90 minute training sessions and thought that this would mean I should increase the calories I consumed by the same amount as this still meant I was back to the 800. I didn’t think my body would cope otherwise.
    I contacted the blood sugar team and their response was to stop exercising whilst on the diet, at least for the first few weeks anyway. They told me to listen to my body after that.
    I don’t want to stop exercising as it is important to me so I am now a little torn as to whether this will work for me.
    I would appreciate any advice anyone had to offer.

  • posted by Eureka

    Hi stalagtites

    I hope you make the decision to try & reverse your type 2 diabetes now! You stand a better chance, according to Prof Roy Taylor’s findings (Newcastle Uni) if you haven’t been long diagnosed. I am three years in & some trying are many more years diabetics. Wish we’d had the chance you have now. It’s only 8 short weeks & you could stop dire future health problems

    This is experimental stuff & we can’t wait any longer (five years before the results of the Newcastle Uni trial). We’ve made that decision now to help ourselves – & each other on this BSD site. Do hope you are ready for the challenge & the fight. We’re fighting to regain our health , Diabetes is a killer. My mum & dad died due to complications of type 2.

    It’s laudable you want to continue exercising, & it’s advised in the book to exercise. Your body has a lot of adjusting to do on this diet & it takes a little time, but we do feel better. I’m going to swim again & go back to TaiChi. Could you do something less punishing for a few weeks, then crack on & do your original training sessions?

    Hope you’ll consider it. We’d love to welcome you on board

  • posted by pmshrink

    I think you’re supposed to have 800 even if you exercise. This is so you start using the stored fat for energy instead of food.
    I think you’re body will cope, from what I’ve read. After all, it’s got the fat to use so it will use it!
    Good luck

  • posted by charliebee38

    Hi Stalagtites

    I spoke to my other half about this – we are both gym goers and I like to try and burn about 400 calories a time (I’m only 5,4 and weigh 10,5 with a stone to loose, so it’s a fair workout) he does about 800/900 and eats around 1,200 (he’s on on the diet but watching his weight) – I personally don’t think the 800 diet is right for you as I really don’t think you should give up the good work you’ve done with exercising, if you loose tone and shape it might de-motivate you?

    Have you thought about doing the 5;2 diet and then exercising on the non fasting days?

    sorry, i hope that doesn’t sound patronising at all but the calorie burn / consumption is of interest to me too!


  • posted by Stalagtites

    First of all, thanks to the people who have responded, it’s kind of you to take the time to do so. Second, I reviewed the response I got from the blood sugar team and they didn’t actually tell me to stop exercising, but to drop the intensity so apologies for getting that wrong.

    I am going to start the diet and cut back on the exercise. You are spot on Eureka, there will never be a better time. I am sorry to hear about your mum and dad, that must have been awful. I am sure they would be extremely proud of what you are doing to beat your diabetes and also of the support and encouragement you give to others 🙂

    I want to be in the right place before I start the diet to give myself the best chance of success therefore I am going to wait until I have my 3 monthly review and bloods taken next Friday and will start the diet on Monday 29 February. This will also give me time to prepare a plan and get to grips with what I will be doing. I am also hoping the nurse will agree to take bloods at week 4 and week 8 but I am not too hopeful she will agree to that.

    Best of luck to you guys, I hope you find the resolve to keep going to the end!!

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