4.2 kg loss by day 10 on fast 800

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  • posted by Don2007

    This diet is amazing… I have been yo-yo dieting for years and tried everything from WW, Jenny Craig etc… I’ve been carrying about 15 kg over my desired weight for the last 10 years …I don’t call myself obese or an unhealthy person but at 78.7 kg and size 14 (Aus) is not my ideal weight …I eat a lot of heathy food but probably way too much fruit and clearly eating for too many hours during the day … I also exercise every day and after reading the book, I realised I am doing it all wrong ….the first few days of the fast 800 are hard and not for the faint hearted you really need to stick to the diet and not fall into bad habits… I noticed weight loss by day 3 so this kept me going … I have weaned myself off diet soft drinks and sweenteners in coffee and worst of all midnight snacks … all of which I now see may have been my biggest issues in not being able to lose weight ….preparing meals in advance, restricting eating times and keeping a journal are really essentIal… I am taking day by day and not making unrealistic goals but definately thinking I could handle the 800 calories for more than 2 weeks before I start the 5:2 phase

    I highly recommend buying the fast 800 receipe books as this makes it much easier especially for people like myself that are on the go juggling work and children!

    I started this journey at 78.7kg and on day 10 I am now 74.5kg

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Hi Don – what a great start!! You are doing all the right moves and your post is very inspiring. I’m sure you will be able to do the 800 for a few weeks – 8 weeks is a good target if you can manage it. That’s just mid March – and the weeks will fly by.
    Jump onto the weekly posting to share with everyone and keep the motivation going week by week. This week’s thread is called lets-keep-going-in-2021-one-week-at-a-time-beginning-26th-january-2021. See you there!
    Merry in Melb

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