3 days in and feeling bad, how long til it passes?

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  • posted by kjh35

    Hi all,
    This is my first time on the fast 800. I’m currently on day 3, eating only lunch and dinner as I have always skipped breakfast and find it much easier to eat in a more narrow window. Am sticking to 800 and as best I can eating a high protein, low carb diet. Found lots of tips and ideas from the books and will be using a lot of those recipes. It’a a learning curve for sure but now know what I can and can’t eat. Also been drinking tons of water.
    I feel hungry, but not overwhelming so – it doesn’t bother me. However, the past 2 days I have been extremely lightheaded and tired. Almost like a drunk airy feeling. It’s pretty awful. I’ve read different things about this, i.e the ‘carb flu’ but most things I’ve read said people usually get this after more than 3 days. Is it normal to feel this way so soon? And if others have experienced it – how long does it last?
    If I know it goes away, I will push on, but I can’t imagine feeling like this for weeks!
    Thank you all!

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi kjh, the yucky feeling will pass fairly soon. Your body is probably used to around 2000 cals a day so this is a big hit, even if you had 1500, this is the lowest you have probably ever been. Also your body is missing the carbs but dont give in to it. It is carbs that make you hungry, hold lots of fluid and gives you cravings. Once you can get through that you will start to feel so much better. Try to take things easy in the early days.
    You say you are eating high protein but be careful. This isnt a high protein diet. You should be aiming for around 200g per day and the rest should be made up of lots of low carb vegetables and fibes and a decent amount of (good) fats. I am sure someone will give you the exact breakdown of macros.

  • posted by JGwen

    Hi kjh35,

    When we eat a high carb diet our bodies have to store water to help process them. – As soon as you drop the carbs your body starts to drop that stored water.

    However, with the water our kidneys release electrolytes. –

    Carb flu, or keto flu as it is known is a just that low level of electrolytes. the solution for which is to increase salt intake. You can even just take a pinch of salt and let it dissolve on your tongue. Or drink water with some added salt. While many talk about using pink rock salt, table salt will do.

  • posted by florob85

    Hi Kjh

    I got carb flu about six hours in to day 1 (both times I’ve done this diet!) and it lasted for about a week although I only felt really rough for about two days – I just made sure during those days I drank loads and loads of water and added plenty of salt to my food, I also made sure I rested loads and didn’t even attempt exercise. Mine subsided after a week then I had a slight resurgence week 3 for about three days, it does get better promise! I can’t honestly say I’ve had the energy “surge” everyone talks about but I certainly don’t feel ill anymore (7.5 weeks in this time round).

    Lauren x

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