Simple Egg Muffins

Recipe by Aliba

  • Time needed: 45 minutes
  • Calories per serving: 200
  • Servings: 3
  • Difficulty: 2
  • Rating: 5.00 based on 11 reviews

A portable breakfast, brunch or lunch…easy to make and really tasty!


• 4 eggs (small,are fine)
• 4-5 button mushrooms, chopped small
• 100g full fat cottage cheese
• A slice of ham, chopped OR a rasher of bacon cooked and chopped OR small amount of Feta, crumbled (optional)
• A dozen baby spinach leaves, shredded


-Cook the mushrooms in a non - stick pan (make sure the water has drained from them)
-Beat the eggs with the cottage cheese and season
-Lightly grease a 6 hole muffin pan with oil ( I use a silicon muffin tray and a bit of coconut oil on my finger to do this)
- add the mushrooms, cooked bacon/ham or feta (if using) and the spinach equally in the muffin pan
- bake at 180 for 30-35 minutes
Lovely warm or cold, they work out at under 100 calories each so a couple of these make a great breakfast or lunch. They also store in the fridge for a few days.

14 reviews for “Simple Egg Muffins”

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    These are great and freeze well. I have been adding to them though, I admit. I made the first ones to the exact recipe and secret tip, do not use metal muffin tins or the paper patty pans. I have been altering them a bit, last time added some cherry tomatoes to the mix which was very yummy and didn’t add many calories. (I microwave them a little when I want something warm for lunch)

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    Thanks so much for posting this recipe. I’ve just cooked up my second batch and they are delicious!

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    Not rated

    Sorry being very dense here, but how many are in a serving ? Thanks

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    Made them today and had them for lunch with salad and a couple of quorn cocktail sausages- delicious. Got some for lunch tomorrow. Will be making these again and so many different fillings to chose. Thank you for the great idea.

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