Rhubarb Crumble

Recipe by bob fox

  • Time needed: 30-40mins
  • Calories per serving: 118cal 6g carb
  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Rating: 4.00 based on 4 reviews

This is quite similar to the old favourite. I’m lucky to have an allotment and the Rhubarb is ready.


• Makes 2 portions.
• 100g Rhubarb(or frozen berries,your choice)
• 25g Coconut Flour
• 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
• 5g Butter
• 10g Chopped Nuts (I used walnuts)
• Truvia for sweetness.


Chop Rhubarb into inch pieces and cook till mushy in a microwave,add Truvia for sweetness.(I used 1/2 tbsp, but you may want it sweeter or not).
Divide between 2 Ramekins. (Normal size)
Put coconut flour, baking powder and butter in bowl and rub together to form a breadcrumb texture. Mix in some Truvia if you wish. Place on top of rhubarb.
Sprinkle chopped nuts over top.
Bake at 180c fan for about 20mins or until nuts are a deep brown.
I ate mine with a spoonful of Greek Yoghurt, but just as nice on their own. Nice cold too.

5 reviews for “Rhubarb Crumble”

  • review by:
    Not rated

    I think I made too much coconut flour and my frozen fruit dried up a little
    I am going to try again the flavour was great

  • review by:

    A little dusty – the flavours were very good though!

  • review by:

    Loved it! I used one apple between the 2 ramekins- no sweetener needed as I used a Braeburn. I used chopped roasted hazelnuts and it was delicious!! I put a bit of sweetener (stevia) in the crumble mix and it didn’t need it- I would pass on that next time. I served mine with sugar free custard 😄👍

  • review by:

    Loved it heaps!
    My hubby and I had this last night an it was lovely.
    We used a tiny bit of Splenda to sweeten and I used crushed almonds as i didn’t have any other nuts.
    Will make it again.
    Served it with a small scoop of ice-cream.

  • review by:

    Okay but VERY dry!! You need loads of cream.

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