Puffy Pancakes

Recipe by AlgarveAl

  • Time needed: 20 min
  • Calories per serving:
  • Servings: 8 to 10
  • Difficulty: 2
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Delicious American style pancake


• Gram Flour 2 cups
• Large Egg 1
• Bicarb' Soda 1 tsp
• Cream of Tartar 2 tsp
• salt 1/2 tsp
• Olive Oil 1 tbsp
• Semi Skim Milk Approx' 1 cup


Sieve all dry ingredients into a bowl,crack egg into cup and mix with a little of the milk. Pour into bowl along with olive oil. Beat with wooden spoon adding more milk until you have a very thick dropping batter. Leave to stand for about five mins', the batter will start to sponge as the Bicarb gets to work.
Heat a nonstick pan to medium heat.
Drop in batter, approximately two desert spoon for each one, aim for pancakes about 3.5 inch diameter. Leave to set, don't be tempted to flip until there is a set skin on the top and the pancake moves freely in the pan. This should take about three mins' now flip and cook other side this will only take a short time.
Eat with savory dishes as a bread alternative.

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